YouTube has finally confirmed that Youtube will add the picture in picture mode for iPhone users who carry iOS 15 or later. Soon, this feature will be available for both Premium and non-premium members.

Google has been testing this feature for the last nine months. The company has recently decided to make this feature only available for YouTube Premium subscribers, but after long experimentation, Youtube concludes that it is coming for all users.

This feature will make multitasking easier for iOS users; they can still watch YouTube videos in a small pop window after closing the Youtube app or also be able to use another app.

YouTube Soon Offer Picture-in-Picture Mode to iPhone Users

YouTube Soon Offer Picture-in-Picture Mode to iPhone UsersRecent posts from YouTube on Twitter were a misconception by some users where YouTube said YouTube would bring it to iOS devices “in a matter of days.” Wheather, YouTube has only referred it to the PiP rollout for iOS users on YouTube TV, and the tweet was deleted from the official YouTube Twitter account to lessen confusion.

The above tweet wasn’t about the Youtube app; they mentioned the feature for YouTube TV.

After this, TechRadar reached out to Youtube for confirmation. They confirmed that it hopes to make picture-in-picture (PiP) support available on iOS for Premium and non-premium members. Still, it might take some time but soon.

YouTube representative also explained, “We make features such as PiP temporarily available on for Premium users to try out. Through this, our teams are able to gather user feedback and refine the experience before a wider rollout in the coming months. When PiP rolls out in the U.S. on iOS devices, it will be available to both Premium and non-Premium users.”

However, the rollout for Picture-in-Picture on iOS is still planned, but no specific date has been decided because they might still be working on it.


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