YouTube, the popular video streaming platform, is reportedly testing a new mysterious video button that allows users to easily play random Shorts videos on its YouTube mobile app based on their suggestions.

YouTube Is Testing a New Play Button For Playing Random Shorts Videos

YouTube tests a play something button

Although the exact functionality of the feature is presently unknown, it most likely retrieves content based on subscribed creators, viewing history, frequently watched videos, likes, and more.

The new “Play Something” button was spotted by Zachary Kew-Denniss, a frequent YouTuber and journalist at the publication Android Police, on the YouTube Android app source earlier this week.

This button is similar to Netflix’s “Play Something” feature, which recommends personalized content based on the kinds of things you already watch.

Clicking on this new “Play Something” button on YouTube lets you view randomly selected full-length videos when you don’t know what to watch. This button currently appears between content as you scroll through the feed on your homepage.

Apparently, YouTube has been working on the “Play Something” button for quite some time, as a Reddit user first noticed it in May, Android Police states in its report.

While YouTube has not officially announced the upcoming feature yet, it is believed to be currently being tested on a small number of users.


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