Video sharing company, YouTube has plans to launch Internet Television service that will stream cable television channels to the users. A user will have to pay subscription fee to watch television channels over Internet.

YouTube To Launch Internet Television in 2017 

YouTube is working on a paid subscription service called “Unplugged”, which is expected to be launched in 2017, according to the people familiar with the project. Paid users will be able to watch various cable TV channels over the Internet.

YouTube executives have debated about the plans with major media companies like Viacom Inc, Comcast Corp.’s NBCUniversal, CBS Corp, Twenty-First Century Fox Inc, however the company hasn’t acquired rights to any content, as quoted by Bloomberg.

YouTube is a unit of Alphabet, the parental organisation of Google, which is seeking subscriptions for premium video to enhance the largest ad supporting portal. Earlier, YouTube launched YouTube Red, which is a paid service for watching ad-free videos, US users can avail this service by paying $10 as a monthly subscriptions.

YouTube has been working on online Television streaming since 2012, according to the people familiar with this project. YouTube’s top executives, Christian Oestlien and Jonathan Zepp are working on “Unplugged” project. Dish Network Corp. and Sony Corp. have already launched online TV services. Apple Inc. and are said to be working on the same service.

YouTube’s online TV service may partially kill the cable network, as many users would prefer to watch television channels over Internet. So, what is your opinion regarding this service, do mention it at comment section below.


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