In order to make an effective YouTube video one should invest equal time and resources in both shooting and editing the video. Despite having great video-editing skills a poor YouTube video-editing software can completely break a video and waste the valuable time of the person editing the video.

As the title of this article suggests, in this article, we have discussed some common problems with YouTube video editor accompanied by solutions for YouTube video editor not working.

Five Major Issues With YouTube Video Editor:

  • Trim/Cut/Split Issues
    Trimming, cutting, and splitting are the three most important things for transforming raw video footage into something understandable. Sadly, the official YouTube video editor makes these simple tasks quite complicated. At times it’s even difficult to locate the right tools for performing these simple tasks. Furthermore, even if you locate these tools switching between them can be quite troublesome.
  • Multiple Video/Audio Layers Support
    For the production of high-quality videos or videos consisting of images, B-rolls, and A-rolls, multiple layers of video are required. Similarly, multiple layers of audio are required for adding voiceovers, background music, and sound effects. The YouTube video editor doesn’t allow users to split video and audio into multiple layers.
  • Lack Of Color Grading Tools
    Unquestionably, color correction and color grading is another important step for the production of high-quality videos. The way you manipulate the color of your footage can instantly change the mood and overall message of your video. Unfortunately, there are no color grading tools in the YouTube video editor. Furthermore, the editor doesn’t even allow users to import 3D Luts.
  • Can’t Change The Thumbnail
    Updating the thumbnail can make your YouTube video relevant even if you posted it a while ago. Countless users have reported that they were unable to delete or update the YouTube thumbnail after publishing their videos on the platform. Furthermore, even after updating the thumbnail, the new thumbnail doesn’t show up.
  • Audio And Video Syncing Issues
    For a video to be perfect the visuals and sound should perfectly match each other. At times after publishing a video YouTube creates a problem with audio and video syncing. In such cases, its generally advised to reupload the video as the official YouTube video editor is useless in this scenario. Furthermore, ensure that your video doesn’t has any copyrighted music as the copyright owner might delete the audio section of the video that has the music.

How To Fix YouTube Video Editor Issues

A majority of issues with YouTube Video Editor can be fixed by using a feature-packed video editor software like Filmora and editing the videos properly before uploading them. In the next section of this article, some noteworthy features of Filmora accompanied by the solutions of the aforementioned issues with YouTube Video Editor.

1. Professional Color Grading Support

Unlike the YouTube video editor, Filmora comes with professional color grading tools. When used correctly color correction and color grading can completely change the looks and emotions of a video. You can easily use the advanced color correction tools in Filmora to manipulate your footage and it even supports LUTs.

2. High-Quality YouTube Export

Once the video is edited completely, it’s crucial to use the perfect export settings before uploading it online. Well, Filmora takes care of this as well. The program has the ability to directly upload your edited footage on video-sharing platforms like YouTube and Vimeo. Filmora automatically optimizes your exported video files for these platforms, and while doing so, it pays great focus on offering the highest quality video output.

3. Proper Editing Tools

Using Filmora you can transform and manipulate your RAW footage however you want to. The program offers easy to locate and use trimming, cutting, and splitting tools. Moreover, FIlmora also supports multiple layers of audio and video files.

Filmora also comes with over 190 built-in elements, and in order to use them, you can simply drag-and-drop elements on top of your video files. Elements in Filmora are very well categorized into different sections like a journey, shapes, hand-drawn, and many more.

You can try out Filmora for free and if you like the program then you can even purchase it to unlock more features.


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