We all know very well that the tech giant Apple’s iPhone X comes with an advanced 3D facial recognition technology and currently it doesn’t have any rival in the mobile world. However, recently, a well-known YouTuber has claimed that he managed to hack the iPhone X’s Face ID with just a plaster mask only.

This YouTuber Claim To Hack The iPhone X’s Face ID With A Plaster Mask

iPhone X now has 3D facial recognition technology and currently, it is only present in the tech giant Apple’s iPhone X. YouTuber WolfieRaps, managed to trick the Apple’s new biometric security lock, of course, the Face ID with a plaster mask.

The Face ID, which is said to be safer than the Touch ID, works almost as fast and as desired. It is said that it did not make any trouble until today. Apple has been shipping to you Face ID security feature on iPhone X that was previously already been tricked by a single-twin and specially designed 3D masks.

Then a 10-year-old boy named Ammar Malik managed to unlock his mother’s, iPhone X. This time Youtuber WolfieRaps has tricked Apple’s new biometric security lock, Face ID with a plaster mask.

In the first attempts WolfieRaps tried to trick the Face ID by showing photos, but Face ID does not react. YouTuber then tries to cheat the Face ID with a mirror, by holding the iPhone X in front of the mirror and it really worked for him.

Finally, he decided to fool the Face ID with a plaster mask of his own face. Although the device does not react in the first few attempts, later it was deceived by the mask and the Face ID lock is opened.

According to Apple’s description, Face ID does not unlock if a high match between a face that wants to open the phone and a registered face has a high inception. After this process, if the lock is opened by entering the password, the Face ID records it by recognizing that this face is safe.

How does Face ID work?

The new biometric security system, Face ID, takes a 3-dimensional photograph of the user’s face by projecting 30,000 dots through the camera. These points are not visible to the human eye, but they can be recognized by infrared cameras. By analyzing the details on the face of the iPhone X’s camera user, Face ID compares to the image recorded when it is set up and paired and opens the phone.

While using Face ID, it is possible to use items such as sunglasses, scarves and hats and can detect changes such as beard and hair transplants. In this context, the tech giant Apple claims that the probability of Face ID being deceived is 1-in-a-Billion. As if you will press the power button 5 times, it will simply disable the Face ID.

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