Your Data Has Been Stolen By a Ransomware Then Pay The Ransom
Your Data Has Been Stolen By a Ransomware Then Pay The Ransom

Attention: The US Based top level security agancy as NSA and FBI have warn those companies that those companies will not get back their data back from the breach because the hacker used Cryptolocker, Cryptowall and other malware without paying a ransom.

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he site the security Ledger published a leak matter for people who are suffering from Ransomwares (viruses encoding personal data on a computer and charge a ransom to unlock them).

As the information disclosed, not even the FBI found an efficient way to combat the encryption system of these pests. Joseph Bonavolonta, special agent of the FBI COINTELPRO, explained that there ransomwares so good that the only way to recover the locked documents is paying the ransom.

Your Data Has Been Stolen By a Ransomware?

Your Data Has Been Stolen By a Ransomware Then Pay The Ransom
Your Data Has Been Stolen By a Ransomware Then Pay The Ransom

The agent spoke about this class of malware in Cyber ​​Security Summit 2015, which took place last Wednesday (28) in Boston, USA. Three variants were highlighted: Cryptolocker, Cryptowall and Reveton. All these Ransomwares require payments via Bitcoins, preventing the money is later traced to identify hackers.

Another problem that increases the incidence of this virus is that the values ​​of the redemptions are not usually too salty and the victims usually pay the ransom when the hostages are important items. In addition, the bandits usually fulfill their word and unlock the files as soon as payment is identified.

The FBI issued a notification in June, which distinguished CryptoWall as the most well-known type of ransomware influencing people and organizations in the US. The Bureau said it had gotten 992 protestations identified with CryptoWall between April 2014 and June 2015 with misfortunes totaling $18 million. That message instructed casualties concerning ransomware to contact their neighborhood FBI field office.

Bonavolonta reverberated that guidance in his comments on Wednesday, additionally advised that the Bureau will most likely be unable to pry encoded information from the grip of the ransomware creators, who use ultra secure encryption calculations to bolt up emancipated information.

“The most effortless thing may be to simply pay the ransom,”Bonavolonta, who said that endeavors by the Bureau and others to crush the encryption utilized by the malware did not hold up under natural product. “The measure of cash made by these hoodlums is tremendous and that is on account of the mind dominant part of organizations simply pay the payoff.”

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The accomplishment of the ransomware winds up profiting casualties: on the grounds that such a large number of individuals pay, the malware creators are less disposed to wring overabundance benefit out of any single casualty, keeping payoffs low. What’s more, most ransomware tricksters regard their assertion, Bonavolonta said. “You recover your entrance.”