Microsoft Founder as Bill Gates invested in many projects with number of millions dollars but in the search of Sustainable Energy Resources Bill Gates Invested $2 Billion.

If all the billionaires in the world were a little more like Bill Gates, the main problems faced by humanity today would probably be on borrowed time. In addition to creating a foundation with the goal of eradicating diseases like polio and malaria in 15 years, the founder of the now Microsoft is invested in the search for sustainable energy sources for all.

During an interview with the Atlantic, Gates mentioned plans to give $ 2 billion of their own money to accelerate the development of innovative technologies able to stop climate change caused by fossil fuels. Although the billionaire believes that things like international debates on climate are important, it will be difficult to ensure that any country in the world keep its promises.

Bill Gates Invested $ 2 Billion in search of Sustainable Energy Resources

In addition, the creator of Microsoft believes that the free market does not offer financial incentives enough for the development of free alternatives carbon emissions happen quickly enough. According to Gates, what the world needs is that private investors come hard at the same time that the US government undertakes to pay attention to the subject.

The former executive and philanthropist says that you can solve our climate problems with investments in research and development, even if it no income many profits. Gates said that the issue of cancer can be seen as an example, since the fact that the US government has declared war on the disease resulted in $ 5 billion today go every year for studies on the problem, accelerating the production of drugs innovative.

Bill Gates also talked about several other topics related during his interview with the Atlantic, including issues such as the use of the wind and photovoltaic solutions for power generation.

“In energy, any government including the US, which is the largest research and development funding in almost every category – performed a dramatic increase [the amount of money invested],” says the billionaire. Although today the US government spending on energy studies to be $ 6 billion a year, he says that figure is still very low compared to the economic importance of the country in general.

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Remembering the race that resulted in the creation of the first atomic bomb through the Manhattan Project, Gates points out that history shows that scientific results can be achieved very quickly when properly motivated. “I want to put the odds in our favor by encouraging innovation at an abnormally fast pace or at least more than in the same routine speed now,” said the philanthropist.


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