LinkedIn is popularly known as a Professional networking site; gradually, LinkedIn users are professional in backgrounds like any CA, company owner, entrepreneur, doctor, or computer professional.

LinkedIn today launched a new service as ‘Placements’ across India; it will help those grad students who, in real-time get, suffer being not noticed by big companies.

Job seekers are mainly more focused on this type of job provider, different sites are also there to provide jobs, but LinkedIn is in a different format to provide jobs. Students can interact with the job owner or employer directly with this launch of ‘Placement’; students will have to submit their CVs directly to the server they launch via online, soon LinkedIn employees will distribute those CVs to all employers, and with respect, they will recruit via LinkedIn and later on face to face interview will occurrence.

LinkedIn Launch New Program to Help Freshers Students to Get a Job

India currently has 100 team members working on LinkedIn, which is based in the USA. Unfortunately, among 100 team members, only 40 professionals are working in LinkedIn Professionals, “Our discussions with understudies, situation officers, and selection representatives included in grounds enrollment point to an unmet requirement for productivity and viability,” LinkedIn India Head (Engineering) Ganesan Venakatasubramanian said in an announcement.

Later, he added that the launch of this ‘Placements’ would help job seekers who are also trying to get jobs for years.

This new launch is for job seekers and the upcoming generation of graduate students who will direct step to new paid firms; the first job providing facility will be LinkedIn Placements.

LinkedIn employers say India became the first to establish this new service; some of the colleges that adopted this service, such as DY Patil, FMS Delhi, and PESIT, are among the 14 more universities or colleges that have taken part in their student’s future establishments.

The placement procedure takes much more time than ever thought by any member, one of the team members has said that the placement officers can collect the data from all these colleges and later on the percentages of students they will apply for the job for those students. Globally LinkedIn has 400 million users, whereas India seeks 33 million.


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