China and the USA are among the leading hackers established; hackers from China mainly focus on hacking into the server of the USA and vice-versa the USA.

The recent security flaw in a gaming company makes the owner suffer to pay a huge amount of money, as we say that blackmailing.

The US-based Online Gaming Company has been attacked by a hacker allegedly asking for money from the Game owner. If the owner does not pay the demanded amount, they will hack the company’s server again.

Chinese Hacker Arrested For Blackmailing Online Gaming Firm

The game owner came to know about hacking when the company’s server was not working properly. They saw different types of faults in loading the web pages, and the gaming servers as hundreds of users reportedly complained about the server that is not working; the company has more than 20 different hosted companies servers, out of which only 20 servers were hacked by the hackers between the working days July 19 to 21 in 2015.

After all these 20 server attacks, hackers contacted the admin and claimed that they had hacked all these servers, and if they did not pay the extortion money as a protection fee, they would hack those servers again every month.

Hackers extorted protection money which is 1880 yuan, around $ 296 per month, from the gaming company. Also, if the company does not pay the extorted amount, it will do the same; at some point, its owner refuses to spend money. Soon after that, on August 21, the hackers hacked another server belonging to the company’s main server.

They said that this attack is for December, which they call an Advance payment for protection fees.

The company did not waste its time paying again and again, so it filed a case against those hackers on July 22, the security authority investigated the case under the table without getting noticed by the hackers, and soon within two days, the China police arrested those cybercriminals.

The hackers, now arrested by the state-run police department in China, were involved in hacking hackers that belonged to east China’s Wuxi City. The overall case has been reported by China journalist


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