Opera Max To transform new service for all the smartphone brand which will help those smartphone users with new function having control over the data usage with an unique method.

Bring good news for fans of the tool Opera Max: soon, a huge number of smartphones will reach the market with this software already installed. The news came in an official press announcement of the own Opera, which has just revealed a partnership with 14 other handset manufacturers to bring its data management application for smartphones these companies.

Among the names mentioned, we have a number of giants like Samsung and Xiaomi, and several Asian companies like Acer, Hisense, TWZ, Cherry Mobile, Evercross, Fly, Mobiistar, Micromax, Oppo, Prestigio, Symphony and Tecno. There is no denying that it is a partnership and both – in fact, the Opera hopes to have a total of 100 million devices with integrated Opera Max in stores by 2017.

Opera Max Manufacturers Target to Make 100 Million Handsets by 2017

For those who did not get to use it, Opera Max is an application designed to reduce the consumption of data. The Norwegian company says its software can reduce the internet expenditure by up to 50% when accessing internet pages and up to 60%, when using services like YouTube, Netflix and Instagram. All this, it is worth noting, “no appreciable quality loss.”

Opera Max Manufacturers Target to Make 100 Million Handsets by 2017
Opera Max Manufacturers Target to Make 100 Million Handsets by 2017

“Many users bother to use mobile data for fear of overspending or exceed their limits of data,” began Sergey Lossev, product manager for Opera Max. “We see manufacturers responding to it to be responsible in lowering the barrier of mobile access Internet by providing a data optimization solution on their devices, “he continued.

According to the company announcement, the addition of a tool for data economy is very promising for the expansion of the smartphone market in areas where the adoption of these devices outpaced the expansion of mobile structure, citing India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Africa and Latin America as some of the beneficiaries.

About it, Lossev is optimistic. “Compression technology is the key to migrate the next billion mobile Internet users to smartphones, and solutions such as Opera Max help users deal directly with the challenging mobile infrastructure and expensive data packages,” he said.

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Of course the news that will come factory in many smartphones is great news. But if you’re not thinking about cell to change anytime soon, of course, just download the app for free through Google Play.


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