Hackers Now Using Video Ads to Inject Malware
Hackers Now Using Video Ads to Inject Malware

Video Ads have a complex coding inside thus makes publishers and ads industries to find out the exact malware hidden inside the code.

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]t will be not so hard to say that we people often get worried of any misbehave of our computer system, if users saw something unusual with the system they start thinking that some sort of virus has in plugin, but might be this can be true reaction, now hackers are using the video ads to inject malware into the user’s system, but it’s quite difficult to detect by any of your systems antivirus because of the video ad contains numbers of complex coding, and thus this make tough to detect.

We cyber experts are well known about the past days when cyber criminals using different type of malware to put into the ads displayed on the web pages, just like Adobe Flash, we have already discussed about Adobe flash, when hackers made a dramatical malware indulge with users computer, likewise now a day the new era as generation with new types of malware came alone, the Video Ads, this types of malware are rarely occurred, but soon other ads service providers will also display those types of infected ads without scanning the whole complex code inside the video ads.

Hackers Now Using Video Ads to Inject Malware

Advertising industry have a major headache regarding publishing any ads, fortunately they realise that the ads they have published for users attraction that have a serious malware coding inside, Which can lead to breakout tens of thousands computers at high risk and can expose data which can be direct word to call is “Compromised”, however nowadays the ad industries have put their efforts on search or scanning the ad code very carefully with each and every element which is a perfect headache for hose companies.

Hackers Now Using Video Ads to Inject Malware
Hackers Now Using Video Ads to Inject Malware

It is not false to say that with current popular ads publishers or industries are putting their nose in depth to scan the ads as well as even those ads which have been later for some sort of reason, that ads are also in a straight line of scanning, without scanning those ads the publishers are not publishing those ads, anyhow this can go farther, but hackers and cyber criminals are always trying to find out the weak point in any sort of program.

Now the question is why the hackers or cyber criminals have created video ads to subscribe victims computer, hence they know about the current situation on how Adobe Flash player has broken out from entire Internet system, no one is going to accept Flash player on their system, and that’s how they thought to convert those flash malware into video. the example is here: the report says that two weeks earlier the group of cyber criminals have created a video ads and later after scanning the ads very carefully with each and every code, they found that malware which have previously found from adobe flash.

This video type malware can also affect the websites which have high traffic also, which can lead to those visitors as a victim to visit those high level websites, every day many visitors are being affected with visiting this types of websites which contain hidden malicious ad code.

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All this we are saying is not just a home made stories, this is real truth, The Media Trust Company who serves as security tools and services in the previous month have released a noted script (written) that about 3,000 popular websites are showing those malicious pop-up window ads which named as “Tripbox” and all this activity have been seen on October 29th, with that ad if users get involved with the ad without avoiding, they will have been warned about an update for their using browser especially for Apple’s made browser as Safari, later on after completing just update button your computer will start downloading some sort of data connection to the malicious content ad and everything will be gone in just five minutes, the overall computer will be under control of the hackers, without the prior knowledge of victim the hackers will control the computer from the background.


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