Atheists peoples In India have another place to discuss their thoughts and that is Facebook – Because it is the only one of few places for private discussion.

A Facebook group have recently deleted from Facebook itself, ‘Indian Atheists Debate Corner’ the name of the page describe the people who created a group based on non-believers in Indian religion terms. and now its seems to be a broken link, Facebook have removed the group without any prior knowledge to its owner but later on explained about certain restriction.

This group have been blocked from Facebook, however, we know that Facebook has its own terms and conditions, but the group have not revoked any Facebook rules and regulation and most importantly Facebook have not provided any reason of removing this group.

India Blocks 75% of Facebook Content

Facebook is following the rules and regulation of country India, and India is the only country which have block over 15,000 Facebook content within 6 months of 2015 – which is also under Narendra Modi Government all this restriction have come forward, it is said that the reason is only and only for the Indian culture, mainly focus on Hindu religious.

Facebook registered Government request to remove violent content from Facebook, and day by day the number of content blocked is dramatically increasing, as per the report from Facebook – Between January-June 1015 it have direct closet of 15,155 contents under blocked, these numbers is probably too high from the previous government request, around 5,832 and 4,960 requesting content blocked in July-December and January-June respectively.

Facebook said, … “Content request from government law enforcement and Computer Emergency Response Team – we have blocked some more content from getting access in India, the content blocking reason the requesters gave is hypothetical for Indian users and also because of anti-religious, hate speech which could cause conflict within India,”

It is said that Facebook becomes the apex centre for Atheists because openly they can’t share their thought either they can have a discussion, so they will choose a safer place to discuss all this non-believer activity. India has a good people as well as bad people, people mainly consider bad people first for the ending, Rationalist activity is also so called Atheists, often this people faced many restrictions either offline or online.

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However this is not only with India somehow, but precisely it often happens in India only – as we have said before that about 75 percent of the content restriction made for India-based users. Another Facebook activity, God a name of the Page which have a sudden breakthrough from social Media Facebook and was hidden from Indian users without prior reason, but soon after some days again made that page visible to Indian users.

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