India to surpass the USA within the end of December 2015, India will cross 400 Million Internet users by the end date 31st December 2015 which will be 402 million Internet base user, India will stand second after china and third will be the USA.

Indian modernization is moving even 10 times faster, in the 21st century India making history, Indian Internet user base will increase by December 2015 will 402 million which in measured at the sudden growth of 49 percent from the last year 2014, soon India will be counting on Second after China in Internet users in the world with the new emerging global market for India.

According to the report from Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) and AMRB International India have gained unbelievable growth in the field of Internet users, as the previous report which still belonging to India that is India still in number third position of internet user base, but now with the new report from IAMAI it is proud to say that India will surpass the USA after crossing 402 million Internet users followed by China which will be first and the third will be the U.S.

India Will Beat US by December 2015 Internet User Base 402 mn

A previous report from IAMAI in October that says Internet users in India has 375 million users and also said, from October they have analysed that with the continuous growth of Internet registration with per day it will cross 402 million in December.

Whereas China leads at first having 600 million Internet users, as per the population record, China also the first in population about 1.3 billion people resides in China.

India took one decade to increase Internet users from 10 million to 100 million also it took 3 years from 100 to 200 and now it takes only one year to move from 300 to 400 million Internet users, also in the report, it says about 71 percent internet users are male and rest 29 users are female, there is no doubt that female users in some of the places in India still restricted to even hold the smartphone or connect to the internet and, therefore, the report says the growing rate of Internet users from male side is 40 percent and 46 percent of Internet users growth rate from female side.

But females users with a significant increasing growth rate is higher from male ones, Female touches 39 percent growth rate and the male is 28 percent growth rate of Internet user base. The ratio of Internet users between female and male in urban areas are 62:38 respectively….

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Now if we go to the rural areas we can also found that they are also using the internet and vast numbers of people in rural areas using the internet, by the end of December it will be 117 million and 147 million by June 2016 report from IAMAI. All this report have been taken into consideration from only 35 cities in India remaining cities are not included.


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