Soon After the Paris Attack Killed 129 innocent people by ISIS (Confirmed) And now the staining blood on Edward Snowden and the Encryption System.

After this Paris terror attack, it’s quite clear that ISIS is using a tough and a fully encrypted technologies which no one can even break that encryption at all so that their communication connectivity go smoothly without any interruption.

Previously ISIS is not so advanced in the field of using highly encrypted technology but now with new members from the UK and the USA, who are ethical hackers from the past and now they using their ability in killing hundreds of innocent. These new hackers have interestingly get the secret way that how to overlap the encryption technology from the other countries Law Enforcement Agencies.

Paris Attack Blame On Edward Snowden And Encryption

Here are the question arises that is it really they have surpassed our spying agencies Bulk Interception Tools and offensive cyber operation? it’s totally unacceptable and we can’t really only blame to whistleblower Edward Snowden the Ex-CIA employee of NSA but also the system and the technology our current government using has already revealed in front of this highly qualified terrorist because of this Snowden.

This terrorist has killed 129 people and we only got to know that they have used end-to-end technology which is difficult-to-crack, the FBI Director James B. Comey told Congress about the Terrorist using high-end encryption technology, also said that they have revealed who is the mastermind in this Paris massacre, the ISIS mastermind Abdelhamid Abaaoud, the mastermind behind the massacre who resides in Syria and from there he with his team made blood river plans.

The ISIS mastermind has used the technology system of making the secure connection between his Gunmen and the suicide boomers. The CIA Director have claimed that they without knowing a single one entered the crowded area. also said ISIS using their smartphone or ordinary phone so that they can communicate with satellite connectivity with IP changes software so that the exact location can’t be found, even more that their smartphone are highly encrypted unable to get access into the phone, and this types of smartphone USA President Barack Obama used to have in recent days.

Now still after Government Technology Issue but still blaming Edward Snowden. Why?

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In 2013 being an former NSA employee Edward Snowden who leaked confidential information of NSA in which he revealed the secret information on how the Congress government demanded phone records from NSA and NSA contracted with other telecom companies to gather the information as per the required in which Edward leaked the information on how Government and NSA together tracking their own citizens phone record and also leaked the technology on how NSA and other CIA agencies secretly track their targets, which is so called Encryption Technology…. now he is a whistleblower Edward Snowden.


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