Facebook Messenger comes with secret inbox which you probably might not have noticed till now. Actually it contains messages that you have received but you haven’t seen them because they don’t get displayed on the main messages section or other messages section.

Here is How to Access Secret Inbox Which Facebook is Hiding From You

Majority of Facebook users might not have any idea about the hidden messages section “filtered requests” in the messages requests inbox. The reason you aren’t able to reply them because you don’t get any notification when someone who is not your friend tries to message you. Also, messages for persons who are not in your friend list are likely to be missed.

You are not able to see some messages due to Facebook’s automated spam filter which blocks certain messages and it keeps them in separate from inbox and other messages. Earlier, it was revealed that secret message folder labelled as “other” could contain important messages as well which you probably won’t have seen.

Steps to access hidden messages in Messenger :

  • Open the Facebook Messenger App
  • Click on Settings Option
  • Click on “People”
  • Click on “Message Requests”
  • Scroll until you find “See filtered requests”

Facebook says that this feature is meant to protect users from spam, that is why users don’t get notified when he/she receives messages from persons who are not in their friend list.

When I tried to check hidden messages, I was surprised to see lot of messages which I missed and I found that most of the messages were not spam. As of now, you won’t get any notifications for filtered messages but it is worth to check it regularly so that you won’t miss any important message in future.


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