The global telecommunications service company Airtel and the American multinational technology company headquartered in Redmond, Washington, that develops, manufactures, licenses, supports and sells computer software, consumer electronics and personal computers and services, Microsoft is collaborating to launch private connection service known as Connexion.

Airtel Decided To launch Cloud Platform Together With Microsoft

[dropcap]The[/dropcap] global telecommunications service company Airtel announced the launch of the new cloud platform, Connexion, Together with the tech giant Microsoft. Hence, the telecom provider’s portfolio also includes several services for businesses.

As the new cloud platform, Connexion will provide a more secure, scalable, and seamless private connection between enterprises, cloud service providers and data centre partners, and leverages Microsoft’s Azure ExpressRoute service. Hence, it claims that the new service doesn’t use public internet connections, as well as reports states that the new platform “Connexion” is the best way to maximise the network performance over the cloud.

The global telecommunications service company Airtel already operates in 20 countries over the South Asia, Africa and the Channel Islands with covering the 325 million subscribers, thus, the tech giant Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform has once again proven to be enticing in both scale and performance for larger business partnerships.

The director and the CEO of the Bharti Airtel’s global business Ajay Chitkara said in a statement that “Today, we are excited to further expand our value proposition for them with the launch of our ‘Connexion’, which is a direct private connectivity to cloud services. This platform is the right choice for the service providers and businesses seeking to make their IT infrastructure more agile and flexible. With ‘Connexion’ – we are confident of helping customers seamlessly and more securely connect to Microsoft Azure, by bringing down their network cost substantially and improving performance”.

As we all know that the Windows Azure is a platform for developing, deploying, managing, and hosting cloud-based Web services and the distinguished Engineer of the Windows Azure team Yousef Khalidi said that “Enterprises are increasingly leveraging the power of cloud to empower their workforces and Microsoft is expanding its service for India and global customers. Our partnership with Airtel, the third largest global carrier, is a major step in this direction and we hope to bring in an integrated and seamless experience for our mutual customers”.

Moreover, the global telecommunications service company Airtel added that the new cloud platform, Connexion will provide to its customers in the Middle East, SAARC and Asia-Pacific region, who are already a part of its global services network in the regions.


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