On the lock screen, you don’t have access to any of the apps, and on Android, there is no default feature to allow any apps to be accessed over the lock screen.

But sometimes you need that as many of the time you may want to have quick access to your most-used apps. And that is why we are here with a cool solution that will allow some of the apps to be launched from the lock screen. So have a look at the complete method discussed below.

Steps to Allow Selected Apps to be Launched over the Lockscreen

The method is simple and needs a rooted Android device to allow the Xposed installer to run. And after having the Xposed installer, you will use an Xposed module app to allow selected apps to be launched over the lock screen.

1. First of all, you need a rooted Android. Here’s how you can root your Android to have super user access.

2. After rooting your android device, you have to install the Xposed installer. For that, follow our guide to Install Xposed Installer On Android.

3. Now after having the Xposed framework on your Android, the only thing you need is the Xposed module that is Quick Access, the module that lets you allow the apps to be accessed over the lock screen.

4. Now install the app on your device. After that, you need to activate the module in the Xposed installer.

5. Now you need to reboot your device to let the module work perfectly on your device.

6. Launch the app Quick Access, and you will see everything currently installed on your device. Select the apps that you want to access over the lock screen.Quick Access

7. You can also edit the limit of the access you want to grant over the lock screen access of that app. edit the limit

That’s it. Tap on the save button, and you are done. Now those apps will be accessible over the lock screen.

So above is all about how to allow selected apps to be launched over the Lockscreen. With this cool method, you can easily access any app without unlocking the device.


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