Amazing Strategy Games Like Clash of Clans

Here in this article are the best alternates to the game Clash of Clans as these games are almost same but these just provide some different environment.

Clash of Clans is the one of the most loved game by the people and therefore is also the most popular game known so far. You can play this game on any platform or system as this game is available on almost every OS of smartphones and even the computer also. For those who just dont want to play this game because they don’t want to follow the passion of the crowd and just want the similar type of game so that they can experience something different, they are at the right place as this article is about the alternate games of Clash of Clans.

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Top 10 Amazing Strategy Games Like Clash of Clans You Should Play

Here are the 10 best games like Clash of Clans that you can experience:-

#1 Boom Beach

It is the game developed by the Supercell developers,the one who made the most popular game Clash of Clans.This game is almost same in type as that of Clash of Clans but there are some major parts in this game that you will not find in Clash of Clans.This game provides much higher quality and you can also make great structures,weapons and forts.You can also control your troops just like in Clash of Clans.Overall this game is of same kind but provides somewhat more features and also provides great graphics 1

#2 Battle Dragons

Unlike the Clash of Clans,you make and control the troops of dragons in this game.This game is just about controling the troops of upto 10 different kinds of dragons and using them to destroy evertything that comes in your way.You also use these dragons as powerful weapons to protect your 2

#3 Call of Duty: Heroes

This game is all about using some heavy grade weapons to protect your base.This game is full of heavy explosions,great fights with enemies and some great weapons.You can also join with other people to make your army more vast so that you can kill your enemies and protect your base.This game is lot like Clash of Clans and you will really enjoy this game on your 3

#4 Star Wars: Commander

In this game you just lead a group of troops which you can use to either to protect others or to harm others.This game is very similar to that of Clash of Clans and the style and the view of the game is also very much similar.In this game you just has to decide when to protect others and whom you want to harm so that you can reach the 4

#5 Jungle Heat

In this game you make your own military base that consists of your own military troops that you can lead to protect your base from the enemies.The game is all set in the jungle where you just has to protect your base from enemies and then upgrade your army with weapons that you aquire from your enemies after their defeat.You can also compete with other people who are playing this 5

#6 Viking Wars

What if you were to live in the jungle with your own tribe and follow the rules of the jungle to survive? Here in this game the experience is same like that you can think of if you are in jungle and has to survive by some different rules to get your resourses.In this game you just has to attack other tribes for getting resourses and on the other hand you has to protect your tribe from others.You can add your friends who also play this game to your tribe which will also make your group more large and will also gain resourses as an 6

#7 Total Conquest

The structure of the Roman Empire as it was in the past is well described in the game.Here in this game you just has to prove yourself worthy by winning over the enemies so as to become the King of the empire at your ultimate 7

#8 Castle Clash

You can join with your friends to make your base large and then train various soldiers that you will then need to protect your base from the enemies.You has to build up your strength and then capture the other bases so as to build a great empire.This game is much similar to Clash of Clans but the joy that you can experience from this game is far 8

#9 Clash of Kings

The best ever Multiplayer game that you can play online.This game lets you compete with other online players so as to make you kingdom vast by winning over them.In this game you has to make real time strategies to defeat the other players and side by side also protect yourself from other people as your enemies.The graphics that you get on this game are fabulous and the experience that you will get through this game can’t be 9

#10 Dragon Clans

Build up the troops to protect your village and attack other villages to destroy their armies and also loot up their
resourses.This is all like managing your village and to fulfill their demands by attacking other villages.You also has to built your defence system strong so that others cannot conquer your 10

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After you download any of the game from the list above,you will find that these games are also a great fun. These games will make you forget about Clash of Clans and will also make you entertained for long time. If you are the one who wants to enjoy something different than Clash of Clans then just grab any of the game listed above and start playing it.



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