Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos Beats Bill Gates As World's Richest Person
Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos Beats Bill Gates As World's Richest Person

We all know very well that the founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates is the richest man on the planet since May 2013. However, for just $ 200 million, Jeff Bezos has outperformed Bill Gates at the head of the prestigious Forbes list of the richest on Earth.

Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos Beats Bill Gates As World’s Richest Person

A few days ago we analyzed how Seattle is taking over from Silicon Valley as the cradle of world technology. Bill Gates, the richest man on the planet since May 2013 following his success at the tech giant Microsoft. And in that same city lives his successor Jeff Bezos, founder, and CEO of Amazon.

A relief as the richest person on Earth that has occurred today, as reflected by Forbes magazine, the source of reference in these proceedings. And that is, Jeff Bezos has managed to overcome Gates after Amazon shares soared, making him earn more than $ 1.1 billion. That gives him a total fortune estimated at 90.9 billion dollars, barely $200 million more than Microsoft’s former brain.

Amazon’s latest moves to become strong in the distribution of food and proximity (including the purchase of the physical chain Whole Foods, the main rival of the almighty Walmart in the US) or the extraordinary march of the cloud services division, Amazon Web Services, are the reasons behind the escalation of this firm in the Stock Exchange over the last few weeks. All these perspectives must be confirmed this evening when the multinational presents its financial results.

Depending on whether these data are good or bad, the reign of Bezos will be more or less ephemeral. The truth is that, whatever happens, it is a reflection of the generational change in the technology sector in the era of Internet, where the crown is not disputed in the market of operating systems or devices, but in electronic commerce, Social networks or digital content. Not to mention that Jeff Bezos also owns media (The Washington Post) and a space company (Blue Origin).

Behind Bezos and Gates, in the third position, we find the business tycoon Amancio Ortega, founder of Zara and Inditex, who despite his retirement continues holding positions in the shareholder of the fashion giant that allow him to hold a fortune of 82,700 millions of dollars. Fourth in the list, Forbes remains the investor Warren Buffett, closing the ‘top five’ Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg.

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