Google’s Upcoming Android Version’s Settings UI has surfaced on Internet. There are still few months remaining for Google’s I/O event, as Google is expected to release new version of Android on May 2016.

Android 7.0 N’s Settings UI Revealed Online

The Google is gearing to release upcoming version of Android soon. Last month, Android 7.0 N’s screenshot was leaked which revealed the new navigation Drawer. Android Police has found some images which reveals the UI for the settings on Android 7.0.

Android 7.0 N's Settings UI
Android 7.0 N’s Settings UI

The photos of Android 7.0 leaked online are copy of actual Android N’s Screenshots. The above image of Android 7.0 clearly shows shows “Do not Disturb” notification at the top of settings. Moreover, it has also got drop-down menu which will let the users to shift modes.

Additionally, the top level settings doesn’t consist a line between individual items rather it is included between each individual region like Wireless and Settings, Device and others. Moreover, settings menu also display extra information below the items such as data usage, as it can now disclose the amount of data used and the display can also let you now know whether the adaptive brightness is on or off.

However, Android is still retaining old menu which lets the users to navigate between different regions of settings. In Android 7.0, all the items in the navigation’s lists are alike but notifications and sound have been separated in the upcoming Android N.

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It is expected that multitasking in Android N will be main objective of the upcoming Android N. Last December, Google confirmed that the Android N will include support for “split screen multitasking” which will let the users to run two different apps simultaneously.



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