Countless Android users are downloading apps from third party sites. The apps downloaded from these sites may contain malware’s and may affect your device. Users should be vigilant when downloading apps from third party app stores other than Google Play.

According to Trend Micro, It has been found that four third party party app stores for Android have apps containing malware’s that root access to your devices without your permission.

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Android Root Malware Common in Third Party App Stores

Trend Micro, found about 1,163 android APK’s contain malware’s with name as ANDROIDOS_ LIBSKIN.A. The security company also claimed that between January 29 and February 1, apps containing this malware have been download in 169 countries and surprisingly found on the popular third party app stores, Mobile9, Mobogenie, 9Apps and Aptoide. The security company said that they have contacted these third party app stores and informed them about the malware’s in their apps but they didn’t received any response from their side.

Security Experts also had warned users to not download any app from third party app stores because they may not monitor the quality control as Google’s Play Store.

When you download any app in android from unknown source, your device notifies you whether you want to allow permissions for this app. Also, if you want to secure your device, you must download apps from only Google Play Store. Google monitors app greatly while as third party sites don’t monitor the apps they offer through their websites.

ANDROIDOS_LIBSKIN.A infection flow
ANDROIDOS_LIBSKIN.A infection flow

However, the question arises, Why people download apps from third party app stores when they have Google Play Store. The answer its that these malicious apps lure users in order to get more and more downloads from the users.

Also, my friend complained me that his device is filled with unnecessary apps and sometimes he find apps having porn images displayed. Later, he informed me that he always downloads apps from third party app sites. I later asked him why you download apps from third party sites, he said I am using 2G Internet pack, so Google Play Store doesn’t get properly loaded, that’s why I choose third party sites. There are several reasons why users download apps from third party sites.

The malware also fetches data, like the device ID, network and the other apps running on the device and more.

So, we advise you to download Apps only from Google Play Store. Also, some apps contain malware’s that can root access your device. If you download any app from third party sites, you may notice few unwanted apps present in your device that you never downloaded. Actually, when you download any app from third party app store, the malicious app has the ability to download other apps without your permission.


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