We all know very well that the tech giant Apple’s iPhone X is currently the best of the best from Apple, and obviously it is also supposed to deliver top-class performance as well. However, today in this article I will present a speed test comparison video which will surely blow your mind.

OMG! This New Android Smartphone Crushes The iPhone X In Speed Test

Soon you can buy the OnePlus 5T in our country officially. At the moment we do not know how many sales have been achieved, but we can assure you that it is one of the most sought-after devices in recent days.

If you are wondering about its performance and if it is able to beat other high-end devices in the market, today we leave you with a OnePlus 5T vs iPhone X speed test video. In this comparison, you will see which device is faster in opening applications and if it deserves the worth buying one or the other. There is nothing better than buying two devices doing the same actions, and this is exactly what we will see today.

We always tell you that in the day to day it is difficult to face the same situation that you will see in the video, but it lets you get an idea of how powerful the terminal is and how it manages RAM.

Today we will see two of the latest releases for the high end. Yes, with a very significant price difference. For what it is worth the iPhone X you can buy 2 OnePlus 5T and still have money left over.

The tech giant Apple does a great job with its devices and although they do not have the best multitasking on the market, their speed and fluidity are worth mentioning. In the next video, you will see the OnePlus 5T and the iPhone X opening applications of all kinds. In the first round they will open from scratch and in the second round, they will be a quick pass through those that are already open. Let’s see who gets to finish earlier.

There are few devices that can cope with the iPhone X or any iPhone with the latest Apple chip. Throughout the video, we see how the OnePlus 5T is ahead until it reaches the point of rendering a video with an editor. All the advantage that took the iPhone from Apple ends up becoming nothing and we can see how the iPhone X goes through this application without major problem. Finally, the iPhone ends before the first round, specifically about 40 seconds before.

In the second round, the thing changes radically, since the OnePlus 5T gets through all applications in just 30 seconds, while the iPhone X does in more than a minute. This has a simple explanation, and that is that iOS is closing applications as others open to ensure the proper functioning of the system. This means that when you want to go back to powerful games, you have to reopen them, something that does not happen on Android.

Finally, we can say that both devices are very powerful and fluid, although the OnePlus 5T is one step above the iPhone X opening common applications. It also has a better optimization of RAM, although all this will not be noticeable in the day to day use.

So, what do you think about this? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.


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