Anonymous, the hacktivist group, declared “total war” on Republican Party frontrunner Donald Trump, the GOP(Grand Old Party) presidential candidate most likely to run for president of the United States this year, and the last actions of the group showed that they were not fooling.

On Thursday, 17th of March 2016, the hacker group Anonymous released some private data of the Republican candidate Donald Trump on the web, like cell phone numbers and social security, as well as other information which is not so secret, such as the name of their children and his lawyer.

Anonymous Reveals Donald Trump’s Private Data On The Web

The information was published on the platforms Pastebin and Ghostbin, where the users can store texts for a fixed amount of time period.

Moreover, even released a YouTube video in which they talked about their latest operation against the controversial candidate of the Republican Party, Donald Trump.

Member of Anonymous in the video said that “Donald Trump has set his ambitions on the White House to promote the agenda of racism and xenophobia and religious murder of Muslims by dictatorial policies,”.

The speaker also goes on to a list of the policies promoting intolerance that Trump has offered during his campaign, including his platforms on settlement and his plan to track of American Muslims.

“Now it’s time to unite to fight fasm(racism) to show that we are determined to stop any proposed Fourth Reich by fascist Donald Trump,” continues the video, referring to the German Third Reich Nazi dictator Adolph Hitler.

“We have attached a gift of sorts … that might be able to insist you all in independently investigating this would-be dictator. These are provided for informational purposes only.” he also adds “Do with them what you want, keeping in mind that only you are responsible for your actions.”

He also adds “Do with them what you want, keeping in mind that only you are responsible for your actions.”


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