We all know very well that the cloud services are often much more than they actually look. According to the latest reports, recently, the tech giant Apple itself has confirmed that it uses its rival Google’s cloud service simply to store iCloud data.

Apple Confirms It Uses Rival Google’s Servers To Store iCloud Data

Cloud services are often much more than they actually look. Apart from the visible part, there are big companies like the giant e-commerce website Amazon, the tech giant Microsoft or the tech giant Google, to provide structures to those who do not want to keep them.

That’s precisely what the tech giant Apple does, for its iCloud service. The company has now revealed that it also already has the Google Cloud, having abandoned the tech giant Microsoft’s Azure.

The vast majority of Cloud services, found on the Internet, are based on data structures of one of the three major players in the market. Both Amazon and Google or Microsoft are prepared and dominate the market.

With iCloud the tech giant Apple has chosen to host its service on several of these corporate cloud services, relieving the work of maintaining and managing all of these structures.

Until now it was known that iCloud was based on Amazon S3 and the tech giant Microsoft’s Azure. This information was in the tech giant Apple’s documentation, specifically referring to it. But the documentation has recently changed and now it says that in addition to S3, data on iCloud is also stored in Google Cloud.

Of course, all data stored in these services are secure and protected from access by others, and even if access is made by the tech giant Google, the data is encrypted.

The tech giant Apple warrants this security feature by fragmenting the data into small portions, then applying for a secure encryption number. Even if access to the data is done, they will be incomprehensible and meaningless.

Since 2016, it was mentioned that the tech giant Google’s Cloud could be used by iCloud, but only now that same information has been confirmed thanks to the tech giant Apple’s documentation which shows the confirmation of usage.

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