After placing ads in their App Store, Apple has now come to a different approach. Reportedly it might also start showing ads on its more apps with different device’s compatibility.

For some past years, the company is already the subject of discussion on this topic, and there is no official confirmation yet, but now some details have arrived from a reliable source so let’s discuss it.

Apple Might Be Planning To Place More Ads on Their Platforms

Apple Might Be Planning To Place More Ads on Their PlatformsAccording to a report from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple might be planning to introduce ads in its multiple pre-installed apps on its iPhone, iPad, and Macs, such as Maps, Books, and Podcasts.

As recently, it introduced ads to App Store. With this new addition, the company will get more profit out of it, and it will help also help developers to promote their apps.

And as I noted, the ads are placed on App Store’s search bar and in the Home sections, and after seeing these implemented, we can expect how ads will be placed in these apps.

For example, there will be an ad display while you are listening to a podcast, or some podcast creators can also promote their accounts via these ads.

Besides, Gurman also detailed that Apple has done some internal tests on these ad functionalities, such as on Maps search results, it tried to display some ads with nearby capability.

And I can surely say that these ads will not be irritating and will be highly valuable as these will be recommended by multiple factors such as location-based, nearby experience, and interest-based.

But currently, all these apps are ad-free, and there are no accurate details on when the company will start showing these ads.

Also, with these experiments, we expect new plans for Apple TV Plus, as it enters the ads criteria after many years.


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