Apple Employees: Siri Failed To Catch Up With Google Assistant & Amazon Alexa
Apple Employees: Siri Failed To Catch Up With Google Assistant & Amazon Alexa

Accordingt to the latest reports, recently, the tech giant Apple’s former employees has revealed that the tech giant Apple’s well-known and popular peronal virtual assistant, of course, I am talking about the Siri failed to catch up with the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Apple Employees: Siri Failed To Catch Up With Google Assistant & Amazon Alexa

Siri is still less smarter than the competition because it had a somewhat troubled history within Apple, involving internal disputes and changes in strategy. This time we have a better idea of the problems the personal assistant has faced in the last seven years.

The Information site interviewed a number of former Apple employees, and they say that the company rushed to include Siri on the iPhone 4s before the technology was fully ready.

It all began to fall apart with the passing of Steve Jobs in 2011. Several managers and team leaders left the tech giant Apple, and Siri was left without a steady lead to define its future. And how much she had a responsible, her vision was inadequate.

Officials say, Richard Williamson, chief of Siri and Apple Maps in 2012, wanted to update the personal assistant only once a year, to coincide with the new versions of iOS. Of course, as Google and Amazon show, wizards need to be constantly updated in the background.

Williamson denies these charges and blames the creators of Siri: “It was slow when it worked. The software was full of serious bugs. These problems are entirely the responsibility of Siri’s original team, certainly not mine.”

In turn, Dag Kittlaus – co-founder of Siri Inc. – recalls on Twitter: “This statement, totally false, was made by the architect and leader of the biggest disaster of Apple launch, Apple Maps. In fact, Siri worked very well at launch, but like any new platform under unexpectedly large load, it required scale adjustments and 24 hours of work.”

Kittlaus co-founded Viv Labs and created an assistant focused on interacting with third-party apps. The startup was acquired by Samsung in 2016 and was responsible for Bixby Voice – which also has its problems.

From this, you can understand how the work climate was. In fact, Siri had several teams working under different visions: some wanted her to be a quick and accurate information seeker; others imagined it as an intuitive way of performing complex tasks.

There are also some communication problems within Apple. Siri’s team was only discovering the existence of HomePod in 2015, months after Amazon unveiled the Echo. HomePod has been in development since 2012, and one of the original plans was to release it without Siri – so it’s no surprise that it’s less clever than the competition.

In 2016, the tech giant Apple opened Siri for developers via SiriKit. For now, this includes only ten activities like payments, travel reservation (as in Uber), task list creation and photo viewing. Several engineers who worked on SiriKit today work on other projects, or have left Apple. Write down the agenda: Apple will announce new versions of iOS and MacOS on June 4.

In a statement, the tech giant Apple says its virtual assistant is “the most popular voice assistant in the world,” and continues to invest in “significant breakthroughs” for its performance, scalability, and reliability.

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