Apple iOS 9 Release Date & Features

Today we are here with the discussion on Apple ios 9 Release Date & Feature Unveiled in WWDC 2015. As we know apple(ios) is very much popular in all over the world and more than billion of people are using apple devices today. And apple is always releasing new updates for its ios devices regularly. As there is ios version 9 is going to release by soon. And today we have related report about ios 9. As according to our report the ios 9 will support all the devices above version 4. As the above devices include 4s,5,5s,6,6s and all other models of iphone. This update is having lots of new feature and mainly concentrate thing in this is security factor. Explore more at below.

Apple ios 9 Release Date & Feature Unveiled in WWDC 2015

iOS 9 Upcomming Features
iOS 9 Upcomming Features

The WWDC of apple held recently and there was discussion on all the upcoming features in ios 9 and there was discussion on lots of feature that had been added in this new update.

New Features In Upcoming ios 9

#1 Multitasking with Split screen

This update mainly works on multitasking programming by which you can perform different functions at a time in your ipad etc and also you will get split screen in this update use to handle the tasks in your apple smart device.

#2 Security

There is also reports about the new security feature “Trusted Wi-Fi” which is going to add in the update of ios next year in its ios X update. And this feature will be greatly helpful in cyber security as this will allow all mac and ipad device to connect with trusted wifi that is more secure to access.

#3 Siri

Siri will be getting major changes in this update that it will be more fast, accurate and easy to access also you will be able to set the events and even save the images and set many notifier without typing anything.

#4 Passbook is now Wallet

The app passbook that was in previous version of ios is now an wallet  in this new update and the users that are currently using passbook would not worry because just the name of app is changed all the interfaces and features are same as old one.

#5 Requires Less Storage Space

The size of this update is very much less than the previous one as in ios 8 update file needs 4.8 Gb free but in this update you will only need 1.8 GB of free space in your apple device to update it to the latest version.

#6 Less Power Consumption

In this update the major benefit for the user is better battery consumption management by which the battery backup of your iphone will get boosts up and they can run few more hours as compare to the previous ios version.

Releasing Date Of ios 9

  • If you are registered with apple developer community then you can get beta1 version of ios 9.
  • If it is not available in public then you can wait till this july.
  • The full version will be available this year for all the users soon.

So above discussion is all about Apple ios 9 Release Date & Feature Unveiled in WWDC 2015. As all apple users are eagerly waiting for this latest update to explore all the latest feature of ios 9. So stay connected with us to get the latest updates on this version of iphone and don’t forget to share this article with your friends.


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