iPhone SE was unveiled on March 21 in the California event. iPhone SE is expected to get released on March 31. Apple usually unveiled one model of iPhone every year but this year Apple is expected to launch another flagship iPhone on Septmber.

Apple iPhone SE or iPhone 6S? Which one to buy

It seems that Apple is not forgetting the smaller iPhones like iPhone 5S, it has launched upgraded 4 inch iPhone which it calls iPhone SE. It was expected that iPhone SE may come with lower price tag, however it came with a higher price tag. Also the price of Apple’s flagship phone iPhone 6S is little more than iPhone SE. I know you may be puzzled to find which one to buy, if you are having the same budget.

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iPhone SE will be loved by the people who prefer to use small screen smartphones and for those who find it uncomfortable to use large screen smartphones. So, in order to let you decide that which iPhone you should buy, I have differentiated some specifications of iPhone SE and iPhone 6S :

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Moreover, 3D Touch feature, which is present in Apple’s flagship phones is also missing from iPhone SE. It is having 1GB Ram while as 6S is having 2GB Ram. Also, iPhone 6S is having 5MP front camera while as iPhone SE is having 1.2MP front. iPhone SE will not be loved by you especially if you are a selfie lover.

When it comes to design, iPhone SE looks similar to iPhone 5S but it comes with new color i.e Rose Gold which differentiates it. iPhone SE also supports Apple Pay which the current Apple’s flagship phones are supporting.

So, at last I will conclude this topic by saying that if you are loving smaller iPhones then iPhone SE may be a good option, if you are having same budget and you don’t care about the display size then iPhone 6S is a good option. iPhone SE is expected to have price tag of $584 in India while as iPhone 6S has a price tag of $628. If you are having something more to add, please mention it in comment section below.


    • iPhone 5S is available for 18K in india while as iPhone SE and iPhone 6S are available at a price close to 40K . So if you have less budget, then go for iPhone 5S


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