OMG! Apple iPhone X Has Already Been Jailbroken

With each new version of the tech giant Apple’s mobile operating system, of course, iOS being released, one quickly tries to find a way to apply jailbreak and thus free the devices. Hence, iOS 11.1.1 Jailbreak could arrive soon, says security researcher.

OMG! Apple iPhone X Has Already Been Jailbroken

The jailbreak theme has not surfaced for a long time. The tech giant Apple has been able to do a good job of protecting its equipment, removing exploited vulnerabilities from them.

That’s why the news of the jailbreak to the iPhone X came as a surprise and is raising a lot of curiosity. It was only a few weeks before the tech giant Apple’s new iPhone was broken.

The tech giant Apple has been able to keep its operating systems safe without them having flaws that can be exploited to jailbreak. It has not been a simple task, but have been successful.

This security seems to have now fallen, and precisely in the latest versions of iOS. In the latest POC2017, held in Seoul, South Korea, KeenLab showed that iOS 11.1.1 can be exploited to jailbreak.

The proof of concept, shown live during a presentation of this conference, used one of the recent iPhone X and it was possible to see the jailbreak to be applied. KeenLab also showed that it is possible to jailbreak the beta versions of iOS 11 and iOS 10.3.2.

After the jailbreak test, KeenLab has not made available any public tool so that it can be exploited and not expected to do so.

KeenLab is likely to sell the fault to other companies so they can exploit it in other contexts. It can even introduce it to the tech giant Apple, which has opened a bug-hunting program on its operating systems.

The simple proof that it is possible to jailbreak leaves some hope that other more present actors begin to look for vulnerabilities in the new versions of iOS, later made these public failures and easily usable.

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