We all know very well that the tech giant Apple just launched its most awaited and flagship device, of course, the iPhone X that recently arrived at stores. However, today in this article I will show you an iPhone X durability test video that will blow your mind.

Apple iPhone X Is The Most Breakable Smartphone Ever

The iPhone X has reached the hands of customers around the world. We saw what’s inside it, but it lacked something important: the crash tests. The tech giant Apple says the device has the most durable glass ever used on a smartphone. will it?

SquareTrade, the company that provides extended warranty for electronics, has performed several crash tests with the iPhone X and says it is “the most breakable iPhone ever.”

Dropping it sideways to 1.80m in height, it suffers a permanent failure on the OLED screen and separation from the display. Falling with the screen down, Face ID crashes and the screen shatters. And turned with the back down, the glass splinters, but the screen leaves intact.

The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, also with glass backs, have withstood SquareSpace’s drop tests slightly better. The screen continued to function well, though shattered; and the biometric (Touch ID) remained intact.

The iPhone X can handle falls to smaller heights; for example, falling out of his/her pocket or lap – when testers tested the device, iPhone X suffers little damage when it hits a concrete surface. (However, as the ear falls, the screen becomes cracked and the camera stops working.)

It’s good to be careful. In the US, the tech giant Apple charges $279 for out-of-warranty screen repairs, and $549 for any other damage to the device, such as the rear window.

The iPhone X has IP67 resistance to water and dust, meaning it can withstand up to 1m in water for 30 minutes. As it passed the EverythingApplePro test and went beyond:

Moreover, it was submerged for a few minutes at 1.5m and then spent five minutes in a river 6m deep. In addition, the appliance was placed in a washing machine and withstood the damage without problems.

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