We all know very well that the fashion of smartphones with notch at the top of the screen appeared as a trend nowadays. However, now according to the latest reports, the tech giant Apple to launch an iPhone with in-display selfie camera.

Apple To Launch An iPhone With In-Display Selfie Camera

The fashion of smartphones with notch at the top of the screen appeared as a trend nowadays. Big, companies like the tech giant Apple, among others, needed to put multiple cameras and sensors on the front display without that space occupying an area outside the area.

Hence, now several companies followed the same pathway and design of the tech giant Apple and presented their devices with the so-called “notch”. Well, it’s true that it’s not beautiful, but according to the current trend, it’s a very necessary fashion.

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However, now after following the pathway of the tech giant Apple several well-known smartphone brands have already shown that how to vacate that space or remove the so-called ‘notch’. Hence, now the tech giant Apple also patents a new front camera to move from the center to the inside of the screen with the camera lens which will simply allow the tech giant Apple to remove the so-called notch from the display of the next iPhone.

End of ‘notch’ on the iPhone

The tech giant Apple’s latest patent US2019/0321571, dated November 8, 2019, simply describes an integrated camera on the glass, which may be an LCD screen, with some features that can open up the range of options to further reading. In this patent, the tech giant Apple also details the screen-opening solution simply to minimize the frames or the so-called bezels on smartphones.

However, it will be not so easy to remove the notch and put a camera inside the display of the smartphone, as the well-known brands like Chinese smartphone manufacturer Huawei and the South Korean giant Samsung have already presented their patents, and the South Korean giant Samsung’s Infinity Displays are a good example of this effort and the Galaxy S10 should have a screen still more infinity, although there is some uncertainty since the company recently showed images of 3 new options that will bring a kind of notch.

End of 'notch' on the iPhone

The new PDF file of the tech giant Apple’s patent was discovered by the well-known media source, of course, LetsGoDigital. The all-new patent of the tech giant Apple, however, was submitted on July 8 but has only now been approved by the US-owned industrial property. Moreover, there is clearly information was mentioned about drilling or inserting the camera into the glass, which may cover the camera lens.

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The patent itself speaks about the displacement of the camera lens, how it will be placed and it may have an LCD overhead. Moreover, several information simply allowed us to realize that there will be an interconnection between the cameras. Hence, it clearly leaves some room for us to figure out where the tech giant Apple will put either the camera and the face ID to end the ear of notch in iPhones.

End of notch on the iPhone

Therefore this indications clearly suggests that the tech giant Apple’s iPhone X, iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max, and iPhone Xr will be the only iPhones that will have notch in the tech giant Apple’s history. So, what do you think about this? Simply share all your views and thoughts in the comment section below.


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