We all know very well that the third quarter of the year is not, as a rule, strong in financial results. This is true among most of the technology companies, with many well-identified factors. The tech giant Apple seems to have been able to counteract this current situation and has now become the world’s first US company worth $1,000,000,000,000 ($1 trillion).

OMG! Apple Reaches $1,000,000,000,000 Value

The tech giant Apple has just made history and is worth more than $1 trillion at this time. After the earnings reported by the Cupertino company, of course, the tech giant Apple earlier this week, this impressive milestone was already predictable.

For several years, the tech giant Apple has been a leader in market value. In the future, who knows, may be different, so the company should celebrate this moment.

Twelve zeros – $1,000,000,000,000

Over the past few days, everyone has been watching the value of every Apple action and waiting for the magic number to appear on the screens. According to the latest figures, there are 4,829,926,000 outstanding Apple shares and to reach the trillion dollar mark each stock had to be worth $207,043.

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This week, Tim Cook, the CEO of the tech giant Apple, presented the latest financial results. And the values could not have been better. As the tech giant Apple reported revenue of $53.3 billion.

iPad sales are stable and Mac sales are down. But the most important is iPhone sales. Recently, the tech giant Apple’s well-known smartphone sales grew 1% and although the smartphone market is more or less saturated, the tech giant Apple was able to increase its profit margins thanks to the iPhone X.

Hence, undoubtedly, this is an impressive feat and most likely other major technology companies like the tech giant Google, Amazon and the tech giant Microsoft will achieve the same goal.

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Either way, this is the tech giant Apple’s time. Currently, the tech giant Apple and Tim Cook are more powerful than many countries and political leaders.

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