After a few days after the official release of iOS 9.3 brought some new security features and better stability for consumers, but many users said there was a very serious problem in this coming update, as older handsets were suffering from a bug in the system “activation lock”.

Hence, Apple has been forced to withdraw the update on some older devices due to problems with identification with the Apple ID.

Apple Stopped The Latest Update Of iOS 9.3 For Old Devices

Due to this problem, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPhone 5s, and iPod Touch users and some earlier models saw that their devices were getting completely unused.

Because of this issue, Apple decided to stop the iOS update for these models and keep the program continuing updates who have the latest versions of devices.

The final version of iOS 9.3 has come out with such a serious flaw that it has blocked a few iPad users.

However, the company Apple has responded quickly to the problem. First, they decide to disable the update so that the number of affected devices does not increase, and then they will release a version with a solution quickly.

Hopefully, these mistakes are not repeated, but the solution has been rapid, as the company like Apple can not afford such failures.

According to the reports, the problem occurs during the setup of iOS after downloading and installing the update.

At the time of installation of the update, the device asks for the e-mail of iCloud and the user password to proceed. However, when you try to proceed further, a pop-up message will arrive that you can not continue “because the activation server is temporarily unavailable.”

So far, the iPad 2 has been the most affected by this error. However, threads in the support forums of Apple and social networks show that the iPhone 4S, 5, 5C, 5S, iPad mini, iPad 4, and iPad Air also faced this activation problem.

Without an official solution, users are indicating device activation through iTunes on the PC. However, there are reports that the process is not effective for everyone.


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