Apple Wants To Know The Method Used By The FBI To Access iPhone

The US government is not telling whether they will reveal the method to Apple, which the FBI used to gain access to the locked iPhone.

The iPhone has led to a dispute between the Cupertino company and the FBI. The government said that the FBI could successfully access the data from the device without the help of Apple.

Apple Wants To Know The Method Used By The FBI To Access iPhone

A federal official, requesting anonymity, told reporters in a conference call on Monday that the US government will not discuss whether they would reveal the method. “We can not comment on the possibility of future revelations for Apple.”

A week ago, Apple told reporters in a conference call that they would insist on a court to know everything about the vulnerability. The Israeli company Cellebrite was potentially working for the US government to unlock the phone.

The cybersecurity coordinator in the White House, Michael Daniel, announced in 2014 that the authorities would reveal vulnerabilities to some extent and in limited circumstances. This is known as Vulnerabilities Equities Process.

Among the drawbacks pointed out by him is the decision to release the knowledge of some vulnerabilities, which may mean that “we give up an opportunity to collect crucial information that could prevent a terrorist attack, prevent intellectual property theft of our nation, or even discover the most dangerous vulnerabilities that hackers or other opponents are using to exploit our networks.”

Among others, those principles include, “How much is the vulnerable system used in the core Internet infrastructure, in other critical infrastructure systems, in the US economy, and in national security systems?” another issue spoken by Daniel was “how much damage an opponent, nation or criminal group can cause with the knowledge of the vulnerability?” And another: “We could use the vulnerability for a short period before we disclose?”

Ghappour Ahmed, a law professor from UC Hastings College, said, “I am not aware of any legal duty to disclose this information to Apple.” And Andrew Crocker, a lawyer at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, said the government would disclose the method under the Vulnerabilities Equities Process.
“Given the profile of this case is an important test for the government’s disclosure policy and whether it is willing to provide more transparency about how is the balancing between the disclosure and intelligence.”
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