Apple watchOS 10 Would Bring Major Renew to Widgets

A new report from a reliable source has leaked some significant information regarding the upcoming big update for Apple Watch Series.

The watchOS 10 update would bring an all-new system of widgets that will be more interactive with users than the present widget system of Apple Watch. Let’s begin the discussion below.

Apple watchOS 10 Will Be More Focused on Widgets

Apple watchOS 10 Would Bring Major Renew to Widgets

Apple has been working on many new improvements for its product’s operating system, which the company may be planning to unveil at its Worldwide Developer Conference this year.

And one of the major upgrades we would see in supported Apple Watches after the watchOS 10 release, which was revealed by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman in the latest edition of his “Power On” newsletter.”

According to Gurman, the new changes in the widgets system will make them a “central part” of the Apple Watch’s interface.

For a better understanding, he noted that the widgets system would be similar to Glances, which Apple released with the original Apple Watch but removed after a few years.

The widget style like Glance was introduced again by the company but with iOS 14 for the iPhones.

Apple’s main goal of bringing this new widget system is to deliver an iPhone-like app experience to Apple Watch users.

As users will able to scroll through various widgets on the main screen for activity tracking, weather, stock tickers, appointments, and more instead of opening the apps.

We all know Apple is going to reveal the watchOS 10 at the WWDC event, which will take place on June 5th.

And developers will be able to try its first beta by the same day, and after a few weeks first public beta will get released, but its stable update is expected to arrive after iPhone 15’s launch.

Separately, the company is also expected to launch Apple Watch Series 9 at this same event.


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