Apple has finally listened to its users’ biggest objection to the iPhone 14, and it might soon unveil a solution for it with an upcoming update, as spotted in the beta version.

We all know before releasing an update, Apple always starts working on its next coming update and releases its betas, and now it has released the third beta of iOS 16.2, which noted some major changes that are worthy of discussion.

iOS 16.2 Beta 3 Features New Options For AOD

iOS 16.2 Beta 3 Features New Options For AOD 

Apple has delivered an exclusive feature in the iPhone 14 Pro, and 14 Pro Max, which is known as Always On Display (AOD), and this feature was different than other smartphones.

And most of its users don’t like it because Always On Display means making the display lighter while showing some options and also using less battery in the process.

But Apple’s AOD feature was about showing the same lock screen, but by just making the screen light a little dimmer, and it is easy to understand why people don’t like it as it consumes more battery and seems the same as the lock screen.

Some new changes for this feature have been spotted in iOS 16.2 Beta 3 that will allow users to change what it looks like and can save more battery than before.

There will be two new options in the settings of this feature first one is to enable or disable wallpaper on the always-on display. And the second one allows users to hide or show notifications.

You can see the above image to see what it will look like. With those changes, it will look the same as Samsung’s always-on display feature, which means simpler.

Also, it will now consume less battery than before as it can now be darker in color after turning off the wallpaper and notifications, which will save screen consumption.

This beta is currently only available for developers, but in a month, it will arrive with the stable iOS 16.2 update.


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