Apple is reportedly working on a foldable device that is expected to be much larger than the iPhone and could take the form of a foldable tablet or even a new laptop.

Apple’s First Foldable Device To Be Larger Than iPhone: Report

Apple's First Foldable Device To Be Larger Than iPhone

Citing sources within the Taiwan-based supply chain, a report from DigiTimes in its paywalled report claims that the Cupertino giant has been working on the development of its first foldable product for at least five years.

As mentioned in the report, Apple’s foldable product is expected to be a “larger device,” possibly hinting at a foldable tablet or laptop instead of a foldable iPhone, which has been rumored for quite some time now. However, the report claims that a final decision regarding the device’s final design is expected to be made prior to the commencement of possible mass production in one of Apple’s most advanced factories in China.

To achieve this, engineers from Apple’s Vision Pro team have purportedly been assigned the responsibility of heading the design of critical components, such as the hinge for the foldable device, so that it can internally perfect the foldable technology while maintaining stringent quality standards.

Further, the report also corroborates past rumors that Apple has not suspended the work on a foldable phone and that the company is working on more than one foldable device, with various departments developing each product.

Apple is expected to launch its first foldable device in 2025 or maybe later — if it shows up at all — to compete with the likes of Samsung, Oppo, Google, Huawei, and Xiaomi, who already offer foldable products in the market. It is essential to take the news with a pinch of salt, as these are just speculations based on initial information.


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