Apple’s first notch-less iPhone with a fullscreen is suggested to come in 2024, and it might also feature the under-display Face ID.

Back in 2017,  When Apple launched its first iPhone with a notch the iPhone X, which design was liked a lot by people, but after five years iPhone’s notch design still looks the same even in iPhone 13, and currently, no such a belief for iPhone 14.

Some latest patent reports of Apple notch removal and Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo suggested that Apple’s under-display front camera plus notch-less iPhone might hit in some upcoming years.

Apple Might Launch an Under-Display Front Camera iPhone After 2 Years

Apple Might Launch an Under-Display Front Camera iPhone After 2 YearsEarlier this month, a report from Patently Apple detailed that U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has authorized Apple’s new patent, which indicated that Apple might eliminate the iPhone’s notch and reposition the TrueDepth camera system behind the iPhone’s display.

The new patent suggests that the display emits light from the front surface and apertures transmit light from the front surface to the back surface. So, Apple might include a camera that is disposed on the side of the rear surface of the display so the camera will be configured to capture images.

Also, recent leaks of the iPhone 14 stated Apple might upgrade the front camera to a better aperture of about f/1.9 from f/2.2, which seems like a small step toward its future iPhone’s notch removal and under-display front camera plan.

According to the latest tip from a reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, The full-screen iPhone with an under-display front camera and Face ID might launch in 2024.

And DSCC’s Ross Young also stated in his Tweet predicted that it might be the iPhone 16, which gets an under-display front camera and Face ID, and this time scheduled might be for a  marketing purpose.

Currently, Apple has not confirmed any information, but it might seem true because it’s like to be five years, so the company may change the design of its iPhones after the iPhone 15.


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