Since Android is the best and most used mobile OS, developers are now making more new apps and games. Just take a look at your Android device; you will find many apps and games installed on your device. Like computers and laptops, Android also had several hidden processes running in the background. These background processes can slow down your phone because they consume RAM and Disk resources.

However, instant access to these hidden processes is not possible on Android due to specific restrictions. But, since Android is based on Linux, we can use apps to identify and kill those hidden processes. Many Android apps are available on the internet that can kill all apps and process from the background, helping you speed up your device.

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List of 10 Best Apps Like CCleaner For Android

One such app is known as CCleaner. CCleaner is one of the best cleaner tools available for Windows, Linux, and Android. The app is pretty popular, and it can clean up your device in no time. However, CCleaner is not the only Android cleaner app available on the Google Play Store; there are a few others available too. Here we will list down some apps like CCleaner that you can use to stop unnecessary apps and process from the background.

1. Phone Master

Phone Master

Phone Master is basically an Android optimization app available for free on the Google Play Store. With Phone Master, you can effectively clean the junk files, lock apps, manage your data usage, cool down the CPU, etc.

The latest version of Phone Master also has an Antivirus scanner that scans for viruses on all apps and cleans them. Apart from that, you also get a few app and notification management features as well.

2. Avast Cleanup

Avast Cleanup

This one is a junk cleanup tool that comes from a leading security company – Avast. Avast Cleanup is an effective cache and junk cleaner app that cleans up unnecessary files from your device.

With Avast Cleanup, you can detox your photo library, boost battery life, manage apps, etc. Avast Cleanup also has a premium version that offers advanced features such as Hibernation mode, Automatic cleanup, Deep clean features, etc.

3. 1Tap Cleaner

1Tap Cleaner

Although not very popular, 1Tap Cleaner is still one of the best Android optimization apps that one can use. Just like CCleaner, 1Tap Cleaner also offers mini tools for various purposes.

It has a Cache Cleaner, History Cleaner, Call/Text Log cleaner, defaults cleaner, and SD Cleaner. You can also use this app to monitor the apps installed on your device. The free version shows ads, but it includes all useful Android optimization tools.

4. AVG Cleaner

Apps like CCleaner

It is one of the best productivity tools you would love to have on your Android smartphone. The best thing about AVG Cleaner is that it does everything to make your phone run faster and smoother.

AVG Cleaner does everything from freeing up RAM to cleaning up the junk files. Apart from that, AVG Cleaner also allows users to remove bloatware from Android.

5. All-In-One Toolbox

All-In-One Toolbox

All-In-One Toolbox is a combined package of 30+ small utility tools that can improve your device’s performance and boost productivity.

Guess what? All-In-One Toolbox offers a System/App cache cleaner that effectively scans and removes cache files stored on the device. The app can also delete unused files, old apk files, old thumb images, etc.

6. SD Maid

Apps like CCleaner

The app offers everything you need to keep your smartphone clean and tidy. From duplicate file scanners to junk cleaner, SD Maid has it all.

This is an all-in-one app made for Android that offers multiple mini tools to speed up your device. Not just that, but with SD Maid, you can also optimize the databases.

7. Norton Clean, Junk Removal

Norton Clean, Junk Removal

Well, Norton is one of the leading titles in the world of security. Norton Clean, Junk Removal is brought to you by the NortonMobile, and it’s one of the best apps you can have on your Android smartphone.

It’s not a security tool as it’s an app dedicated to speed up your Android smartphone. The app scans for obsolete apk files, junk files, residual files, etc., and removes them.

8. Clean Droid

Clean Droid

Clean Droid is relatively new compared to all others listed in the article. According to the Play Store page, Clean Droid is the first cleaner app to offer a deep clean where it forces close all apps running in the background and slowing down your device.

The 1-Tap cleaner mode of Clean Droid automatically removes the junk files and cleans the cache memory.

9. Nox Cleaner

Nox Cleaner

It is another top-rated Android junk cleaner app on the list which can clean up junk files to speed up your Android smartphone.

Apart from basic junk cleaning stuff, Nox Cleaner can keep your phone secure from privacy threats, extend battery life, clean duplicate files, etc. The app also got a real-time antivirus scanner that can protect your smartphone from threats as well.

10. Droid Optimizer

Apps like CCleaner

Droid Optimizer from Ashampoo is an all-in-one system optimization app for Android. Unlike other optimization tools, Droid Optimizer is entirely free and easy to use. The 1-tap speed-up mode automatically cleans the memory cache and stops all background apps.

It also has an App manager that lets you bulk uninstall apps or view permissions. However, to use this app at its full potential, you need to have a rooted Android device.

So, these are the best apps like CCleaner, which you can use right now. We have only listed the favorite and best Android junk cleaning apps. If you know any other apps like these, then make sure to drop the name in the comment box below.


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