How to Automatically Pause Running Workouts on the Apple Watch

If you are an Apple Watch user you might be familiar with the functions it does provide to the users which include the monitoring of the heart rate, distance moved or the pace, etc. All these functions can be used easily through the Watch, and for tracking your workout, you need to enable the feature manually.

Also, you need to manually stop the workout tracking on the Apple watch on you finish working out. The watch does not stop on its own and keeps on tracking the person’s heart rate, distance or pace, etc.

Steps to Automatically Pause Running Workouts on the Apple Watch 

To deal with this issue, Apple Watch introduced a feature that lets you automatically pause the workout tracking. Hence, below we have shared some simple steps that will let you automatically pause running workouts on the Apple Watch. Let’s get started.

1. First, open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone device, scroll down to the option Workout and then just tap on it.


2. Now, you would notice that the screen would be changed to the Workout screen. Here, you need to look for the option named “Running Auto Pause.” Just switch that function on.

Running Auto Pause

3. The workout on the Apple Watch would then only be paused when you stop. When this feature is on, indoor and outdoor running workouts will automatically pause when you stop moving and resume when you start moving.

That’s how easy it is to set Apple Watch to automatically pause running workouts. If you need more help in setting up Apple Watch to pause running workouts automatically, let us know in the comments below.


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