How to Avoid Being Bombarded with Annoying Spam

Spam is the malicious content that gets displayed in your inbox of any social account, through ads while you are using any apps displaying ads, etc.

This malicious content is usually connected with links or attachments with other sites that aim to introduce bad content to the user’s device in the form of malicious codes.

So, in this article, you will learn how to easily prevent spam from getting into your system and inbox. You will also learn how to deal with spam if it is already in your system. Just go through the following article and check the methods given below

Best Ways to Avoid Being Bombarded with Annoying Spam

Here are some things you can do to prevent being the victim of spam. Follow the steps and avoid annoying spam stuff.


You are familiar with the keyword “Username” which is the field required before making a new account and is also required mostly whenever you fill up for new forums, newsletters, etc.

To prevent spam, you should not provide a username similar to any of your email credentials. However, you can use a different email for the very purpose so that the access can be generated to another email only and not your primary email.

Sharing Email

Email is the way out for most spam-sending sites. To prevent spam from most sites, never share your email address on any social sites, etc. These sites can use your email to send you malicious content and can also start sending you useless content.

So remember that you should only share your email with the verified sites and not on any other sites.


Most social networking sites provide you with the function to filter the emails you want to receive in your inbox. Using the filters, you can decide which emails should get into your main email inbox.

Tell your friends and family about BCC (Blind Carbon Copy since it allows the sender to hide the person in the BCC field from other people) when forwarding an email with many email addresses attached to it.



Like for most purposes, tools are also available for dealing with spam. Tools like 33Mail,, etc. can filter and block most of the spam for your mail. These tools provide handy options for the users that can be easily followed to control/prevent spam.

Unsubscribe All Annoying Emails In Gmail At Once

Use this manageable method and easily get unsubscribed from emails you won’t like in your inbox. Just click on the link above and get unsubscribed from all annoying emails.

So, these are the various ways to block spam in email successfully. All these methods can help you prevent email spam. If this article helped you, share it with your friends.


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