It’s no doubt that everyone has an email address. Email address is a type of identification by which the receiver identifies the person who sends mail. This is why we must enter our personal information, like Name, Mobile number, etc. while creating an email account. Not just that, emails are one of the best and most secure ways to communicate with other users.

Email addresses are essential; you need them to create social media accounts, sign up for various online services, subscribe to a newsletter, etc. However, now everyone is concerned about their security and privacy, and no one wants to provide their email address to third-party services. That’s why users choose to use a disposable email address.

Disposable email address sites allow users to create a temporary email address. These email addresses are valid for only a few minutes; after that, they get deleted. One popular disposable email address platform is 10 Minute Mail, which allows users to create disposable emails in just a few clicks.

10 Minute Mail Alternatives: List of 10 Best Disposable Email Services

However, 10 Minute Mail provides us with emails that are only active for 10 minutes, which disappoints many users. This article will explore some of the best 10 minute Mail alternatives you can use now. So, let’s check out.

1. GuerrillaMail


GuerrillaMail is one of the best 10 Minute Mail alternatives you can use now. The best thing about Guerrilla Mail is its clean interface, which is pretty well organized. The web tool allows users to create a disposable email address in just a few clicks.

What’s more interesting is it enables users to send emails with attachments of up to 150 MB. So, GuerrillaMail is one of the best disposable email services you can use now.

2. MailDrop


MailDrop is another best temporary email service on the list, known for its interface. Maildrop doesn’t ask users to sign up to create disposable emails.

Apart from that, MailDrop also features some advanced spam protection technology to keep your inbox clean from spam and malware.

3. AirMail


AirMail is one of the best free temporary email services you can use today. The best thing about AirMail is that it provides users with a random email address & inbox, which can be used to register or sign up for new sites or online services.

The site was speedy, and it automatically refreshes the inbox folder. So, AirMail is another best free temporary email services that you can consider.

4. Mailinator


Mailinator allows users to generate free email addresses of their own choice. Like 10 Minute Mail, Mailinator also provides users’ disposable email address, which is active for 10 minutes. During the 10-minute time frame, you can sign up for various online sites or services.

5. Temp Mail

Temp Mail

If you are looking for the best 10 Minute Mail alternatives, Temp Mail might be the best pick. Unlike all other sites, Temp Mail is free, allowing users to create an unlimited disposable email address in just a few clicks.

Apart from that, the interface makes Temp Mail stand out from the crowd. So, Temp Mail is another best temporary email services you can use right now.

6. Dispostable

DispostableDispostable is also a popular temporary email service you can consider. It’s worth noting that Dispostable is not that popular, but it gets the job done.

It allows users to create a random email address of their choice as long as it ends with The best thing about Dispostable is that the email addresses you generate last three days.

7. Tempr EMail

10 Minute Mail Alternatives

Tempr Email, previously known as Discard email, is another 10 Minute Mail alternative you can use today. The best thing about Tempr EMail is that the email addresses are active for one week.

It’s not the most popular disposable email service on the list, but it’s probably the best. Users don’t need to register to Tempr EMail to create a disposable email address.

8. EmailOnDeck


EmailOnDeck is a very popular website that provides you with free emails. Creating a disposable email address with EmailOnDeck is easy; it just needs two clicks to get temporary mail.

While EmailOnDeck is a temp mail service, professionals widely use it to exchange emails. So, EmailOnDeck is another excellent email service you can consider if you want to protect your privacy by not allowing spam in your inbox.

9. ThrowAwayMail


ThrowAwayMail is a free temp email service that claims to fight spam. Like every other email service, ThrowAwayMail also generates a temporary email.

You can use the email to register websites, apps, and services. The only catch is that the email address was valid only for 48 hours. If you don’t open the email inbox within 48 hours, all emails will be lost.

10. Mail Poof!

Mail Poof!

Mail Poof! may not be a very popular option on the list, but it’s still one of the best disposable email services you can use. It provides you with only two email alias to choose from, and the emails you receive are set to delete automatically after 24 hours.

The site claims it never stores the emails on its system, which were only valid for 24 hours. Once the 24 hours had passed, emails were deleted forever.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between 10 Minute Mail and Temp Mail?

Temp Mail and 10 Minute Mail offer you a free temp email address. Compared to 10 Minute Mail, Temp Mail provides email customization options. Whereas the email addresses from 10 minute mail self-destruct after 10 minutes.

Can you send an email with 10 minute mail?

Yes, 10 Minute Mail is a temporary email service provider that gives you a temp email address valid for 10 minutes. Within 10 minutes, you can give it to someone who wants to send you an email message.

What are burner emails?

Lots of users confuse burner, temp, and disposable email. These three are different terms but mean the same. A burner email is a temporary email address that is generated for a short period.

Are these 10 Minute Mail alternatives legal?

Yes, the use of temporary emails is absolutely legal. As of now, there are no laws that justify the use of temporary email addresses as illegal. However, don’t use it for evil purposes.

Is Temporary Emails Safe to Use?

Absolutely yes! The goal of Temporary emails is to stop spam, and they are very much secure. However, avoiding temp email sites with public inboxes is best if you value your privacy more.

So, these are the ten best 10 Minute Mail alternatives you can visit now. With these, you can create an unlimited temporary email address in seconds. If you know of other sites like these, let us know in the comment box below.



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