Everyone has a different test when it comes to Movies & TV Shows. Many users love to watch action-packed series, whereas others like romantic TV series. You will surely love to watch Korean dramas for free, whatever genre you love.

Korean dramas, often known as K-Drama, are the best and are steadily gaining millions of viewers worldwide. Korean Dramas are of different types; there are specific series focusing on comedy, romance, thrillers, action, and more.

The recent viral TV Series – Squid Game, which has beaten many records, is also a Korean Series. So, there are different types of Korean Dramas available for the users. Usually, Korean Dramas have unique stories, and they have more numbers of episodes.

10 Best Sites to Watch Korean Drama Free Online

Due to their uniqueness, users often search for the best sites to watch Korean Dramas. Today, there are hundreds of websites and premium video streaming services out there that host K-Drama. You can use those websites to watch Korean Dramas for free.

Hence, if you are looking for the best sites or video streaming services to watch Kdrama for free, you have landed on the right page. Below, we have listed a few best websites to watch Korean Dramas for free. Let’s check out.

1. Viki


Viki or Rakuten Viki is an American video streaming site that streams various movies and TV Shows. The good thing about Viki is that it’s completely free, and you don’t need to pay to watch certain videos on the site.

On the site, you can watch Korean Dramas, Chinese Dramas, Japanese Dramas, etc. All of the Korean dramas available on the site are free to view.

Even though Viki is free, it also has a membership plan that provides you early access to a few series, HD-quality videos, and uninterrupted viewing without ads. It’s indeed a great site to watch Kdrama.

2. iFlix


iFlix is another best site to watch Korean Dramas for free. It’s a site that lets you watch Kdramas for free legally. For those who don’t know, iFlix is a Malaysian free and subscription video-on-demand service focusing only on emerging markets.

The video streaming site doesn’t offer services in every market but doesn’t miss out on emerging markets. The good thing about iFlix is that it has a good collection of entertaining Korean Movies and TV Series.

iFlix also has premium options that remove ads from the videos and allows you to download content for offline viewing. The premium plans of iFlix are also pretty affordable.

3. Kocowa


Well, Kocowa is an American online video streaming service that offers its services only in North and South America. You can access the site using VPN apps for movie & TV Show streaming.

Kocowa has both free and premium plans. The free version of Kocowa allows you to view all videos, but you need to adjust the advertisements. Three different premium plans are available for purchase; each removes ads and provides you an option to download for offline playback.

Regarding the content, Kocowa has a decent collection of Korean Dramas and Movies. You can watch all of them by purchasing a premium plan.

4. Hulu

Watch Hulu For Free


Hulu needs no introduction as it’s very popular, and everyone knows about it. The only drawback of Hulu is that it’s available only for US users. If you want to use Hulu outside the US, you need to unblock Hulu.

If we talk about the content, Hulu was always known for its extensive collection of Movies and TV series. It has an extensive library with diverse content, including Korean Dramas.

Hulu is a premium streaming service, and its premium plans were quite expensive. However, with a premium subscription, you can watch massive Korean hits like Legends of the Blue Sea, Descendants of the Sun, etc.

5. AsianCrush


If you are searching for the best websites to download Korean Dramas for free, then look no other than AsianCrush. AsianCrush is a popular site on the list, known for its unique Korean Drama collection.

However, the downloading feature is available only on AsianCrush’s premium plan. If you purchase the premium plan of AsianCrush, you will be able to watch all videos ad-free and can download them for offline playback.

If we talk about the content, AsianCrush has some popular Korean Series like Descendants of the Sun, The Heirs, Youth with You Season 2, etc. The only drawback of AsianCrush is that its service is only available in the United States and Canada.

6. VIU


VIU is a popular Hong Kong-based over-the-top video streaming service backed by Viu International. It’s one of the best sites to watch Kdrama online for free. You can access the site from a web browser or download & use its app on your smartphone.

What’s more interesting is that VIU offers its video streaming services in 16 countries, covering all the Middle East and East Asia regions. While VIU doesn’t have a popular Kdrama, it surely has unique ones.

All of the Korean dramas available on VIU are uploaded in high-definition. However, you need to purchase a premium plan to watch the videos. If you don’t want to make a purchase, you can opt for the 7-day free trial.

7. Disney+ Hotstar

Disney+ Hotstar

Disney+ Hotstar is a very popular video streaming service on the list, known for its unique collection of Movies & TV Series from the Marvel cinematic universe.

While Disney+ Hotstar is never known for Korean Drama, it still has a few best Korean Dramas to watch. However, you must dig deep into the site to find Korean Dramas and Movies.

Another thing that you should note is that Disney+ Hotstar is a premium service, and it doesn’t have any premium plan. However, with a premium plan of Disney+ Hotstar, you will be able to download Korean Dramas for free for offline playback.

8. Netflix


Netflix is one of the leading names in the Movies & TV Series world. It’s the world’s biggest and most popular video streaming service, known for its unique and exclusive content.

Netflix is a premium video streaming service, and its premium plans were expensive. However, you can unlock and watch Korean dramas for free with a Netflix premium subscription.

If we talk about Korean Dramas and Movies, Netflix has both. Some popular Korean Drama titles are on the site, like Squid Game, Move to Heaven, etc. Overall, Netflix is a great site to watch Korean Dramas online.

9. Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video

Prime Video is a part of Amazon Prime subscription. You can access Prime Video for free if you are an Amazon Prime member. Even though there are very few Korean dramas or Movies on Prime Video, it has a unique collection.

Prime Video is never known for Korean dramas, but it has some of the best Korean Movies. With an Amazon Prime subscription, you can watch Kdramas online.

The Amazon Prime subscription also grants you access to a few other services of Amazon, like Amazon Music, Prime Delivery, Prime Reading, and more. Overall, Prime Video is a great choice for watching and downloading Kdramas for free.

10. YouTube


YouTube is the most popular video site on the list that can deliver endless hours of fun and entertainment. When it comes to content, no video streaming site or service can beat YouTube.

While YouTube doesn’t have a dedicated section for Kdramas, you can still watch Kdramas for free uploaded by the users. Also, some popular YouTube channels upload Korean Dramas.

You can download Korean Dramas for free and watch them offline using the YouTube mobile app. The only drawback is that you must work hard to find channels that upload Korean Movies and TV Series.

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All the sites listed in the article will let you watch Kdramas for free and legally. So, these are some of the best sites to watch Korean Dramas for free. If you want to suggest other websites to watch Korean dramas online, let us know in the comments below.


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