It’s no doubt that Google Chrome is now the most popular desktop web browser. The great thing about Google’s own browser is that it allows users to expand its features through extensions and web apps. Like Android apps, Chrome extensions can add extra functionality to your browser.

We have already shared quite a few articles on Google Chrome extensions, and in this article, we are about to discuss some of the best Chrome extensions for productivity. These Chrome extensions will help you to focus on your tasks.

In addition, these Google Chrome extensions will serve you differently. For instance, it can help you save time by prioritizing your most important works, managing your to-do list, blocking time-consuming sites, etc.

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List of 10 Best Chrome Extensions For Productivity

So, let’s have a brief look at some of the best Google Chrome extensions to boost your productivity. It’s worth noting that these are the free Chrome extensions available on the Chrome web store. So, make sure to download the extensions from the Chrome web store to avoid security issues.

1. Noisli


Noisli is a simple Chrome extension that helps you focus while you work, study, or relax. With this extension, you can listen to background sounds to mask annoying noises.

The good thing about Noisli is that it allows you to create your own personal sound environment. You can create your own personal sound that could help you focus on your task, reduce stress, and more.

2. Win the Day

Win the Day

If you are looking for a goal-setting extension for your Chrome browser, look no other than Win the Day. This simple Chrome extension lets you set goals and define your deadlines.

You can set daily targets to accomplish each day. The extension also lets you see your progress every day when you open a new tab.

3. LastPass


If you are amongst those who still write your passwords on paper, save them on a notepad, then stop whatever you’re doing and download the LastPass extension. LastPass is a free password manager Chrome extension that keeps your login details across all connected devices. To use LastPass, you need to set up a Master Password.

The master password will be used to manage all your passwords, like adding a new one or deleting the old ones. It’s one of the best Google Chrome extensions that you would love to use for sure.

4. OneTab


Well, OneTab is a new-tab Chrome extension that can speed up your device by reducing the CPU load. The best thing about OneTab is that it organizes all tabs into a list which saves memory.

While listing the tabs, it automatically hibernates them and restores them when you need them. In this way, you can focus more on the current tab while getting maximum PC speed.

5. Save to Pocket

Save to Pocket

Let’s admit; there are times when we all have stopped working just to read an interesting article. Later we realize that we had wasted almost half an hour. Pocket Extension for Chrome solves this time-wasting problem for you.

It lets you save all those exciting or exciting articles in just one click and gives you access to them anytime. So, with the Pocket Chrome extension, you can get rid of the feature of missing out on all the latest news or exciting articles you have accidentally found.

6. Stay Focusd

Stay Focusd

Well, we all somehow lose track while visiting random websites like YouTube. So, the Stay Focusd Chrome extension is for those who want to limit surfing those time-consuming web pages.

It’s an extension that allows users to block different sites, leading to better productivity. Not only that, but the Google Chrome extension also allows you to limit the amount of time you spend on each website.

7. Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus

Let’s admit; nobody likes to watch ads. Nowadays, most sites and web services rely on ads to generate revenue. Ads were essential for the developers, but they usually ruin our web browsing experience. So, to deal with ads, Adblock Plus chrome extensions come into play. The extension removes all ads from the web pages that you visit.

However, the downside of Adblock Plus is that it increases its RAM consumption. So, if you don’t have enough ram, you could skip this extension.

8. Pushbullet


If you are a busy person and looking for some methods manage your phone’s text messages from your computer, then Pushbullet might be the best pick for you. Pushbullet Chrome extension allows users to connect their smartphones to exchange messages. Apart from that, Pushbullet also enables users to share links between devices.

9. Grammarly


Well, Grammarly is another best Google Chrome extension for Productivity. The great thing about Grammarly is that it greatly helps to minimize typing and grammatical errors. The chrome extension works on every web page, and it also shows dictionary results, synonyms, etc. Grammarly has both free & premium plans. To get the maximum benefits, we recommend you to purchase Grammarly premium.

10. Todoist


Well, Todoist is one of the best To-Do lists and task manager extensions that you can use on Google Chrome. The Chrome extension helps you to keep yourself organized and stress-free. The great thing about Todoist is that it lets you add websites as a task. That means you can add an entire blog post to the wishlist and add work tasks to follow up on. Apart from that, it lets you organize your everyday tasks right from the web browser.

These are the best free Chrome extensions that would definitely boost your productivity. If you know of any other extensions like these, then make sure to drop the name in the comment box below. I hope this article helped you! Please share it with your friends also.


  1. Hi Amarnath,

    Great Post! Thank you for sharing this productive post on best chrome extensions. And i am pretty impressed with the list and definitely gonna use LastPass and Ad Block.
    But I have one question does one tab extension really helps you in saving memory??



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