10 Best Google Chrome Extensions To Capture Screenshot in 2022

If we look around, we will discover that almost everyone now uses the Google Chrome browser. Google Chrome is the most used web browser available on nearly all major platforms, including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, etc.

The great thing about Google Chrome is that it has extension support. That means you can expand the functionalities of the Chrome browser by using some extensions.

Let’s admit; sometimes, while browsing the internet, we land on some web pages from where we need to save some information.

It may be the image or text, but we need to save it for future use. Saving web pages is one option, but it needs lots of hard work to save a complete website for offline viewing.

This is why users choose to take a screenshot for future use. Taking screenshots of web pages is one of the efficient ways to save information.

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List of 10 Best Google Chrome Extensions To Capture Screenshot

There are plenty of screenshot-taking extensions available on the Chrome web store. These screenshot-taking extensions operate from the browser, and they can save the screenshot on your computer’s hard drive.

Here in this article, we will share some of the best Chrome Screenshot extensions. So, let’s explore the list of best Chrome screenshot extensions that you can use right now.

1. Scrnli


Scrnli is a full-fledged screenshot and a screen video recorder extension available on the Chrome web store. With Scrnli, you can capture the entire screen, edit further, download or add text, etc.

After capturing a screenshot, you can also use the graphic tool of Scrnli to add pointers, arrows, circles, and other symbols to your screenshots.

2. Screen Capture

Screen Capture

Screen Capture may not be very popular; still, it’s one of the capable screenshot extensions available for the Chrome browser. With Screen Capture, you can not only capture screenshots but also edit them and save them in PDF, JPEG, and PNG format.

The extension is pretty lightweight, and it has no ads or spyware; neither does it ask for unnecessary permissions during the installation.

3. Full Page Screenshot


Full Page Screenshot

Full Page Screenshot is one of the best Chrome extensions to capture a screenshot. Once added to the Chrome browser, it adds a camera icon on the extension bar. Whenever you need to capture a screenshot, click on the extension icon and select the area.

After capturing a screenshot, Full Page Screenshot allows users to download the captured screenshot as an image or PDF.

4. Webpage Screenshot


Webpage Screenshot

Webpage Screenshot is an open-source extension for taking screenshots. The great thing about Webpage Screenshot is that it can capture 100% of both the vertical and horizontal content appearing on your screen.

However, since it’s a browser extension, it can only capture screenshots of web pages.

5. Lightshot


Lightshot is another excellent Google Chrome extension in the list which provides users a wide range of features. This is also one of the simple and useful screen capture tools available for the Chrome browser.

What makes Lightshot more interesting is that it allows users to edit the screenshot before saving it. Guess what? With Lightshot, users can add borders, text, blur out text.

6. Fireshot


Fireshot is pretty much similar to the Lightshot extension, which has been listed above. However, Fireshot provides users with far more features. Guess what? Fireshot allows users to take a screenshot of a selected area.

Users can use their mouse cursor to select the area. Not just that, but Fireshot also enables users to annotate, crop, and edit the captured screenshot.

7. Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder

Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder

If you search for an advanced Google Chrome extension to capture screen, then Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder might be the best pick for you. Guess what? Not just screenshots, but Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder can also record videos from your screen.

If we talk about the screenshot features, Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder allows users to edit and annotate screenshots before saving them. Not just that, but it also screencasts features that can be used to record videos from your screen and webcam.

8. GoFullPage


GoFullPage offers you the simplest way to capture a full-page screenshot of your current browser window. Guess what? GoFullPage is free. There’s no bloat, no ads, and no unnecessary permission.

You can either use the extension icon or use the key combination (Alt+Shift+P) to capture a screenshot.

9. Handy Screenshot

Handy Screenshot

Well, if you are searching for an easy-to-use chrome extension for taking a screenshot, then you need to give Handy Screenshot a try. Guess what? Handy Screenshot allows users to capture the web page, either part of it or full page.

Apart from that, Handy Screenshot also offers users screenshot editing features. The extension is not much popular, but it’s worth a try.

10. Awesome Screenshot

Awesome Screenshot

Awesome Screenshot is a top-rated screen capture & image annotation extension available on the Chrome web store. You won’t believe, it but over 2 million users right now use awesome Screenshots.

With Awesome Screenshot, you can not only capture all or part of any web page, but you can also annotate, comment, blur the screenshots as well.

You can easily capture screenshots with these free Chrome extensions. If you know of any other Chrome screenshot extensions like these, let us know in the comment box below. I hope this article helped you! Please share it with your friends also.


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