Almost every professionals and business profiles rely upon email to connect with customers. So, it won’t be wrong to say that emails are still used as the primary mode of communication in the corporate environment even after the existence of such easy-to-use apps.

Normally, most of the email services available on the internet have a dedicated email client for windows. These email clients eliminate the need to access the web-based panel. Moreover, an email client for Windows has its own set of advantages.

For example, with a dedicated email client, you can manage multiple accounts from different email services through a single user interface.

So, email clients end the hassle of installing updates every next day, switching accounts, opening a web browser, etc.

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List of 10 Best Email Clients For Windows 10

In this article, we are going to discuss some of the best email clients for Windows 10.

The great thing about these email clients is that users don’t need to pay anything for using them.

1. Mail & Calendar

Mail & Calendar

It is by far the most awesome and best free email client that you should use. The great thing about Mail & Calendar is that users no longer need to go anywhere to set up and get their inbox running. The great thing about the free email client is that it allows users to connect Yahoo, iCloud, Rediff, Gmail, and many other popular email services that support IMAP and POP.

2. Mailbird


It is a third-party online email client that provides a wide range of features. The great thing about Mailbird is that it’s free to use, and you can manage multiple email accounts. It doesn’t matter which email service you use. Mailbird covers everything. Not just that, but Mailbird also features a combined inbox which is known as ‘Unified Inbox.’ The combined inbox comes with a dark theme and offers different background which users can set.

3. MailSpring


It is an open-source email client that is rich in features. The great thing about the powerful email client is that it supports IMAP and SMTP email provides. That means the client covers Gmail, Outlook, iCloud, and a few other major email service providers. However, the free email client comes with some limitations. You can’t connect more than four email accounts with MailSpring.

4. eMClient


Well, if you are looking for a powerful and best email client for windows, then eMClient might be the best option for you. The interface of eMClient is beyond amazing, and it also houses a dark theme that looks fantastic. With eMClient, you can manage different email accounts, contacts, calendars, etc. Not just that, but eMClient also got the support of PGP encryption so you can send your emails securely.

5. Inky


It is another best email client for Windows 10 that you can use right now. The great thing about Inky is that it heavily focuses on security and business to keep emails safe from third parties. Guess what? Inky uses end-to-end encryption with digital signatures to protect all incoming and outgoing emails. Another notable thing about Inky is its well-polished UX, which looks clean and organizes all features in a better way.

6. Outlook


Well, OutLook serves as an all-in-one solution for all your email needs. It has everything that you need to manage your email accounts effectively. The email client for Windows also has a built-in calendar that can be used to mark important dates. So, OutLook is definitely the best email client that you can use on Windows 10.

7. Opera Mail

Opera Mail

Well, Opera Mail offers users an easy way to manage different email accounts from a single place. Opera Mail has support for almost all major email services, and it’s one of the best email clients you can use today. However, the UI of Opera Mail is not much appealing, and it chooses to go with the old-school design.

8. Zimbra


The great thing about Zimbra is that it offers a great UI that looks appealing. Apart from that, Zimbra offers lots of features that you need to manage your email accounts. Another best thing about Zimbra is that it can work both online and offline.

9. Postbox


If you are searching for an email management tool for Windows 10 PC, you need to give Postbox a try. The tool lets you manage all email accounts in one place. It has a pleasant user interface, and it lets you filter emails in real-time. The email client also lets you organize emails by tags.

10. Hiri


Business users heavily use this email client. Although the app is meant for business users, it can be used by home and regular users. The email client is made exclusively for Microsoft’s email ecosystem. That means it only supports Outlook, Hotmail, Live, and MSN.

So, these are the best email clients for Windows 10, which you can use today. These are the free email clients that you can use without paying anything. So, what’s your opinion on this? Share your views in the comment box below.


  1. Hi,
    You mention above that Mailbird is free, no its not. Downloaded it and before I can proceed I have to pay and they have confirmed back to me that this is the case, its not free

  2. Zimbra also is not free although they offer a 60 day free trial – you really need to check your facts before you publish your articles

  3. Hiri will charge you, but they have not updated for a year. And will not let you cancel, I had to change my credit card. Great recommendation #sarcmark

  4. “My” Mozilla Thunderbird has been broken for the past couple updates. Could no longer connect to GMail or Yahoo. Couldnt find an older version do Downgrade back to something that worked. Switched everything to Windows mail…
    It was OK while it lasted


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