If we talk about the best desktop web browser, Google Chrome usually steals the show. Millions of users right now use Google Chrome, and it’s a pretty decent web browser. Google Chrome does have some competitors like Microsoft Edge, Opera, Firefox, etc. Out of all those, it was the Edge browser that offers pretty solid performance.

For those who don’t know, Microsoft Edge is a pretty powerful browser that comes with Windows 10 operating system. Like the Google Chrome browser, Microsoft Edge has support for extensions. That means the browser features can be expanded by installing a browser extension.

Although Microsoft Edge’s extension library isn’t as huge as Chrome, it’s growing and has got some good extensions in the app store. So, in this article, we will share some of the best Microsoft Edge extensions that you can use right now. So, let’s check out.

10 Best Extensions for Microsoft Edge

Below we have shared some of the best Extensions for Microsoft Edge that can help you boost productivity.  These extensions will drastically improve your web browsing experience with the Microsoft Edge browser.

1. LastPass

Best Extensions for Microsoft Edge

This is a great password manager tool or extension for the Microsoft Edge browser. The saved passwords get auto-filled on your corresponding login websites whenever you are logged on to your LastPass with its master password. This extension removes the hassle of manually entering usernames and passwords on every website you visit.

2. Enhancer for YouTube

Enhancer for YouTube

Enhancer for YouTube is one of the unique Edge extensions that you can use today. It brings lots of features to improve your user experience on YouTube. The extension is highly customizable, and you can control the features as per your wish. For example, the extension allows you to control the volume level through the mouse wheel, remove ads, whitelist specific channels from removing the ads, remove annotation automatically, automatically play videos in higher quality, and more.

3. Mouse Gestures

Best Extensions for Microsoft Edge

This is one of the best and most used edge browser extensions for productivity. Mouse Gestures allow users to create gestures with predefined tasks. For example, users can right-click and hold to perform certain tasks, move the mouse down and to the right to close the current tab, etc.

4. OneNote/Evernote Web Clipper

Best Extensions for Microsoft Edge

If you frequently use Onenote and Evernote to create notes, then you will love this extension for its. By using the extension, users can easily save a part of any website. The notes were automatically synced to the other devices. So, OneNote/Evernote Web Clipper is another great extension that you can use right now.

5. Office Online

Best Extensions for Microsoft Edge

Don’t have Microsoft Office installed on your computer? You don’t need it as you can now use all Microsoft Office applications right from the web browser. Office Online brings an entire Microsoft Office suite inside the Edge browser. That means you can easily create, open, and edit Microsoft Office files from the Edge browser.

6. Amazon Assistant

Best Extensions for Microsoft Edge

Do you frequently use Amazon for shopping? If yes, this extension could be a great add-on to your Edge browser. This helps to keep you updated about your Amazon purchases by giving the latest update notifications right inside your browser, and hence you can chase your items till delivered.

7. Adblock Plus (Beta)

Adblock Plus (Beta)

If you have used Google Chrome before, you might be very familiar with this extension. It’s a free Edge extension to remove ads from all web pages. However, the problem with Adblock Plus is that it’s still in its development stages. So, the extension sometimes fails to remove ads. Sometimes, it even breaks certain features of web pages.

8. Microsoft Personal Shopping Assistant

Best Extensions for Microsoft Edge

This extension is like the Amazon Assistant, but the only thing that differs is the ability to search through the 50,000 shopping sites for your product. That means that Microsoft Personal Shopping Assistant works with more than 50,000 stores worldwide. Apart from that, the extension also shows helpful information like the price history, saved products, price of the product in different stores, etc.

9. Ultimate Video Downloader

Ultimate Video Downloader

Let’s admit; there are times when we all came across a video which we desperately want to download. If you use Microsoft Edge, you can utilize the Ultimate Video Downloader extension to download video and audio files. The extension supports video downloading from social networking sites and video streaming websites. However, it doesn’t support YouTube video downloading.

10. Page Analyzer

Best Extensions for Microsoft Edge

Page Analyzer is not for a regular user, but it’s definitely for developers who want to improve their website’s compatibility, performance, and accessibility by scanning for common errors, and optimizations. So, Page Analyzer is another best Microsoft Edge browser extensions that you can use right now.

So these were the best extensions that you can use on your Microsoft Edge browser. I hope this article helped you! Please share it with your friends also. If you want to suggest other extensions, let us know in the comment box below.


  1. A very informative article! I will definitely check out Save to Pocket extension, since it looks super neat. I would also add NordPass password manager, because it seems like an easy to use app/extension and offers military grade encryption.

  2. Hey, good choices, totally agree with the most especially with the office online extension is very useful.


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