Although there are plenty of Android vault apps available on the Google Play Store, KeepSafe seems to be the best one. The app allows users to protect their photos and videos with a password. Not only that, but Keepsafe also enables users to lock down the entire app through fingerprint protection.

However, KeepSafe is not the only Android app with those features. There are plenty of vault app available on the Google Play Store that offers the same features. If you are interested in discovering apps like KeepSafe, you are reading the right article.

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List of 10 Best KeepSafe Alternatives For Android

This article will share some of the best KeepSafe alternative apps for Android. You can easily hide or lock your photos and videos with these apps. So, let’s check out the best Keepsafe alternatives for Android smartphones.

1. LockMyPix

LockMyPixYou can encrypt your sensitive photos and videos with military-grade AES encryption with LockMyPix, one of the top Android photo and video vault apps available on the Google Play Store.

LockMyPix allows users to create a fake vault with a separate PIN code. However, it’s now a premium app on Google Play Store.

2. Hide it Pro

Hide it ProHide it Pro is another best Vault app that you can use on your Android smartphone. The app is a little better than KeepSafe because it can also hide your phone’s apps, messages, and calls.

Some of the great features of this app include free cloud backup, multiple lock screen options, fingerprint unlock support, etc.

3. Vaulty

VaultyVaulty is one of the best and top-rated Android vault-app available on the Google Play Store. Guess what? With Vaulty, you can lock up any image and videos with PIN or text passwords.

Not just that, but Vaulty also allows users to create multiple vaults to show different people. Apart from that, Vaulty also has another unique security feature known as ‘Mugshot.’ The feature clicks a pic of anyone who enters the wrong password.

4. Easy Vault

Easy Vault

Easy Vault is an Android app that gained lots of popularity in a short time. With this app, you can lock and hide pictures, videos, galleries, and any other file types that you can think of.

Apart from that, it can even lock your document files. Some other features of Easy Vault include a private web browser, hiding easy vault icon, etc.

5. LOCKit


LOCKit is one of the top-rated Android security apps you can use today. Millions of users use the app to lock apps and guard their privacy.

It can lock apps, hide photos & videos, clean notifications, lock notification panels, etc. It also has an intruder selfie feature that prevents intruders from peeking into your apps & data.

6. Secure Folder

Secure FolderSecure Folder from Samsung Electronics works only on Samsung smartphones. The Android app leverages the defense-grade Samsung Knox security platform to create an encrypted space on your device.

You can use that encrypted space to store apps, data, pictures, videos, etc. So, if you are holding a Samsung smartphone and searching for the best KeepSafe alternatives, you need to give Secure Folder a try.

7. Safe Photo Vault App

Safe Photo Vault App

Safe Photo Vault App or PinBox is very similar to the KeepSafe app for Android. It’s basically a photo vault app that allows you to hide private images from your phone’s stock gallery app.

You can use the Safe Photo Vault App to hide your private pictures in a photo vault, PIN protect your photo gallery, or even lock photos & videos directly from your gallery.

The app also has a premium version that unlocks the cloud option for storing photos & videos. Overall, Safe Photo Vault App is an excellent KeepSafe alternative that you can use on Android.

8. Piktures

PikturesPiktures is a full-fledged gallery app for Android available on the Google Play Store, which provides users a secure drive to store private images and videos. Apart from that, Piktures also offers a video player, photo editor, cloud support, etc.

It also supports various cloud services like Google Drive, One Drive, DropBox, and it can sync content stored on these services to your phone.

9. PhotoGuard Photo Vault

PhotoGuard Photo VaultPhotoGuard Photo Vault is another top-rated Keepsafe alternative on the list which secures your photos & videos by locking them with a password, Pattern, and PIN. The app uses military-grade encryption of the AES-256 bit to encrypt the files.

Apart from that, PhotoGuard Photo Vault also provides a private cloud to auto backup & sync your encrypted vault contents.

10. Secure Gallery

Secure GalleryWith Secure Gallery, you can easily lock pictures and videos to keep your privacy safe. Apart from that, Secure Gallery can also be used as a gallery app. Secure Gallery’s features include managing pictures and videos, sorting files, moving files, renaming, etc.

So, these are the few best Keepsafe alternatives for Android. You can use these free KeepSafe alternatives to lock your photos & videos on Android. If you know of any other such apps, let us know in the comment box below.