Well, if we look around, we will discover that almost everyone now holds an Android smartphone. And why now, Android is right now the most popular mobile operating system which has been used by millions of users. One of the most notable things about the Android operating system is its endless customization options.

The Android operating system allows users to use app launchers, icon packs, widgets, and many more things to customize the look. Until now, we have shared lots of articles on Android customization, and today we are going to share a complete list of the best Android live wallpaper apps.

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List of 10 Best Live Wallpaper Apps For Android in 2021

It’s worth noting that there are plenty of Android live wallpaper apps available on the Google Play Store. So, we have only listed the ones which we have manually checked. With these live wallpaper apps, you can download high-quality live wallpapers for your Android smartphone.

1. Muzei Live Wallpaper

Muzei Live Wallpaper

If you are searching for a live wallpaper app that has lots of high-quality live wallpapers, then Muzei Live Wallpaper might be the best pick for you. Guess what? Muzei Live Wallpaper app can automatically change the live wallpaper every day. Not just that, but Muzei Live Wallpaper also supports multiple sources to grab live wallpapers.

2. Device Info Live Wallpaper

Device Info Live WallPaper

Device Info Live WallPaper is one of the most unique live wallpaper app that you can ever have on your Android. The great thing about Device Info Live WallPaper is that it displays various device information in a cool way. The live wallpaper shows lots of important information on your home screen like RAM usage, Internal Memory usage, Date/Time, Network connection State, etc.

3. Aquarium Live Wallpaper

Aquarium Live Wallpaper

Aquarium Live Wallpaper app will make your Android home screen look like the most beautiful aquarium in the world. Guess what? With Aquarium Live Wallpaper you can enjoy the fascinating world of the sea on your home screen. The live wallpaper app can make your day beautiful and calm you down if you feel tense.

4. 3D Parallax Background

3D Parallax Background

Well, if you are searching for a live wallpaper app that uses parallax effects to change your Android’s home screen look, then 3D Parallax Background might be the best pick for you. 3D Parallax Background offers users more than 70 parallax effect themes to download. All of those themes look good and will undoubtedly transform the look of your Android home screen.

5. Waterfall live wallpaper

Waterfall live wallpaper

Waterfall live wallpaper is another best free relaxing HD live wallpaper app that you can use on your Android smartphone. The live wallpaper app takes you to Niagara Falls, Angel Falls, or Victoria Falls. The sight of flowing water is for most of us therapy itself.

6. Earth & Moon

Earth & Moon

Although not popular, Earth & Moon Live Wallpaper is one of the best space-themed wallpaper apps that you can have on Android. It adds a live 3D view of earth, moon, and clouds on your Android’s home screen. Earth & Moon Live Wallpaper also uses your phone’s gyroscope to induce a 3D parallax effect.

7. Chrooma Live Wallpaper

Chrooma Live Wallpaper

Chrooma Live Wallpaper sets abstract shapes as wallpaper on Android. The most interesting thing about Chrooma Live wallpaper is that it automatically changes the background every time you press the home button. The app offers 12 different shapes, an unlimited combination of colors, and Parallax effects.

8. AMOLED LiveWallpaper

AMOLED LiveWallpaper

If you are using an Android smartphone which has an AMOLED screen, then AMOLED LiveWallpaper might be the best pick for you. As the name of the app says, AMOLED LiveWallpaper is one of the best live wallpaper apps for AMOLED displays. The live wallpapers are mostly black and it’s well suited for devices that have an AMOLED screen.

9. Motion


Well, if you are searching for a dynamic 3D animated Live wallpaper apps for your Android smartphone or tablet, then Motion might be the best pick for you. Guess what? The 3D animated live wallpapers of Motion have parallax 3D effects. Not just that, but the app offers plenty of categories to choose live wallpapers like superheroes, abstract, animals, space, etc.

10. Walloop


Walloop is a multi-purpose Android customization app on the list which offers users both HD wallpapers and Live Wallpapers. The app offers users a huge collection of HD Live backgrounds with 3D parallax effect and 4K wallpapers. Not just that, but Walloop also allows users to browse various categories including AMOLED, nature, anime, abstract, and much more.

So, these are the best Android live wallpaper apps that can be used to change the look and feel of your Android device. If you know any other apps like these, let us know in the comment box below.


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