The integrated photo viewer app in the tech giant Microsoft’s Windows operating system is convenient as it simply comes with the operating system by default, but its functionality is quite limited. So, if you want to deal appropriately with your thousands of photos, you simply need a more powerful application.

While now, if we talk about the Photos application of Windows 10, let me clarify that the tech giant Microsoft has improved its new Photos application. As the tech giant, Microsoft added features like easy photo editing options and the ability to navigate between folders. However, this new default Photo application of the tech giant Microsoft’s Windows 10 could still not match the features and capabilities of other photo viewer applications.

Using any other application to view photos in the tech giant Microsoft’s Windows operating system depends on what you look for in them. You may need a simple app to view pictures in full screen, or maybe you need something else.

Don’t worry about anything, as today, we have created a list showing you 10 extraordinary applications that will give you simpler to more complex features. So, now, let’s explore the full article to see those 10 extraordinary applications.


The XnView photo viewer app supports more than 500 different image formats and can convert practically all of them to different ones. It has quick organizing features, a fully customizable thumbnail view, and an EXIF or IPTC editor for all your images.

Moreover, this excellent application exists for all well-known platforms like Windows, Linux, and Mac. And the most exciting thing about this app is that it has half a dozen smartphone add-ons, allowing you to add effects to your photos on your iPhone or Android.

FastStone Viewer

FastStone Viewer is a very simple and fast application that has no problems, even if you open folders with several thousand photos. It has basic retouching features and supports image rotation, the creation of thumbnails, and batch conversion. It is a portable version, which is excellent as you can simply put it on a flash drive with your photos so that you will always have a viewer with you on any computer.


The well-known ComicsViewer app is basically a special image viewer which you can use perfectly for any photo, and not only that even it is very efficient and fast as well.

This excellent application is specialized to view scanned pages of any comic or book, and not only that, but even this app also has a special mode of vertical viewing. Another exciting feature of this app is that it allows the direct visualization of compressed images in a ZIP or RAR file.


This is one of the lightest and fastest photo viewers among all these apps, as it has its functions of visualization and not only even this well-known photo viewing app; of course, I am talking about the IrfanView has some extraordinary features like it simply allows to draw on the images, save presentations of your photos in EXE format, send them by email, cut them, etc. Moreover, this awesome app also supports plugins and batch scanning, with which you can expand and enhance its functionality and capabilities.


This application is one of the newest in the list as it allows you to view photos in full screen in a very simple and direct way. Moreover, this application is fast and allows you to edit the basic settings of your images, like brightness, contrast, saturation, or exposure.

Not only that even this application also accepts images in RAW and PSD, allows to save specific frames of a GIF, and also has a 64-bit portable version, as well as compatibility with the tech giant Apple’s macOS and Linux, in addition to the tech giant Microsoft’s most used computer operating system, of course, I am talking about none other than Windows.

However, as a simple image viewer, it is one of the best options among all these apps. Moreover, this application allows you to move from one photo to another while maintaining the zoom, which is ideal for comparing compression qualities.


If you are bored with your old image-viewing application, then let me tell you that Honey is the perfect app. Yes, this well-known and simple image-viewing application, HoneyView, is one of the most basic third-party image-viewing applications available on the internet. This image-viewing application is almost similar to the default image-viewing application of the tech giant Microsoft’s Windows Photos Viewer application, both in functionality and features.

These are our best recommendations for you. Hence, as a suggestion, we recommend you use and try some of these picture viewers for Windows 10 to find one that meets your expectations. So, what do you think about this list? Share all your views and thoughts in the comment section below.


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